Designing 2009 On Purpose & In the Public Eye

For the past several years, I'd estimate the past 10-12 at least, Ann and I have taken time towards the end of each year to design the next year. Sometimes we've done this during the holiday break; in recent years it's been earlier — either late October or November…except this year.

Oh, I have some good reasons why.  We almost drowned our home in October with our washing machine overflowing resulting in months of restoration work amounting to over $25K of work that threw our lives in disarray.  So by the time the holiday break came and our home and home life was finally returning to normal, all we wanted to do was chill out — rest and restore.

Still, I think we would have done more creating our new year if Amber, than Ann, and most recently I hadn't come down with a nasty cold.  So, as I'm slowly starting to recover some of my energy and a little bit of my enthusiasm for life, I've wonder — in a universe with no accidents but only lessons and learning opportunities, what's the lesson in this one.

Here's what came to me — Why not go ahead and design the year and share about it on the blog.  With this, another light bulb flashed on brightly.  I think one of the primary purposes to this blog could be my sharing how my own life on purpose unfolds — the good, the bad and the ugly.  In short, while I love my life and feel my family and I do a good job of living a 'life on purpose,' we're far from perfect at it.

It's not about being perfect, and a little 'being real' can go along way.  So, that's why I intend to have at least some of my blog posts be about — the unfolding of our lives on purpose.  So, stay tuned.  I'm sure we can all learn together.

My plan for tomorrow, God (LOPI's C.E.O) willing, Ann and I will meet to discuss the intentions for this next year and what our theme might be…and whatever else we're led to explore.  More to come soon.