Digging Yourself Out Of A Deep Hole Of Fear, Lack and Struggle

Purposeful Point: No matter how deep a hole of fear, lack and struggle we find ourselves in; it is possible to return to our true purpose.  Here are a few ways to bring our lives back on purpose.

It can happen to the best of us. We’re cruising along in our lives having a merry old time of living true to our life purpose where our thoughts, decisions and actions are consistent with our vision for what’s possible, our core values, and even with the essence of our very soul, when suddenly we hit a bump in the road. Some of those bumps can be huge and can send us into a deep hole of fear, lack and struggle.

How do we dig ourselves out of these ‘depressions?’ Well, the principle I’d like StuckinDitchto suggest working with is the Universal Law of Attraction that simply states that like attracts like. We bring into our consciousness and into our experience that which we stay focused on.

For example, have you been caught up in the recent news events — the shutting down of the government here in the U. S. or the threat of not increasing the debt ceiling? Remember, much of the media’s focus is fear based. Fear drives the media and if we’re not awake and aware it can end up driving us off the road and into the ditch.

The following questions are intended to start the process of reversing the ‘snowball’ effect of our thoughts and feelings.

1. Who are 5 people you love in your life? What do you love about each one of them? What else?

2. What do you love about your life? What else? Identify at least 10 specifics things about your life you love and can appreciate?

3. What do you love about yourself? What else?

4. What do you know works to deepen your connection to God? Come up with at least 3 specifics, then do at least one of them each day for the next 3 days.

And here are a few specific actions that will jump start a purposeful pivot through the fear/lack/struggle and back on course with your life being shaped by Love/abundance/flow:

1. Connect to the love of God by being fully with your loved ones — expressing your love for them and allowing them to share their love with you. Be with them with the intention to connect with the love of  God.

2. Connect with the love of God by taking time by yourself in some beautiful part of nature. Your choice what that would be. I’d plan on this being an hour if possible or more. Go with the intention to connect with the love of God.

3. Connect with the love of God by being of service to someone. I’d suggest you be of service to someone you know and also be of service to someone you’ve never met. Be of service with the intention to


Do you know someone else stuck in the ditch of their life?  Why not forward this issue of Purposeful Pondering Ezine to them? It might just be what they need to pull them back onto the road, which is
really the Purposeful Path.