Engaging the World – A Senior Conversation for a World On Purpose

Several years ago through the work with Landmark Education I learned a communication model called a “Structure for Fulfillment.” I’ve used that model in many different ways to create fulfillment in my personal and professional life. I’d like to share the essence of that model as a viable way that we can all work together to create our world on purpose.

I’m directing this article particularly to those who are crystal clear about your own purpose and are clear that your purpose that you’re clear about is the overarching meaning that shapes all of your life, and that what you do in life is a reflection and expression of your true, Divinely Inspire Life Purpose.

BACKGROUND OF RELATEDNESS – The Structure for Fulfillment model is composed of various types of conversations one can have that build upon each other. The foundation of this approach is being related. What are the elements of a conversation that has us be related to each other? What can we share with another that will build a deeper sense of connection? Well, for starters, how about people knowing what our purpose in life is? Of course, that means we need to know that purpose ourselves, and one of the best ways to communicate our purpose to others is by living true to it. In that way, even if the person has never heard us mention our life purpose statement, at some deeper level they know the essence of who we are because we’re being it. As Gandhi said, “Be the change your want to see.”

I remind myself of this important aspect of a life on purpose through a part of my purposeful prayer that goes like this: “Therefore, my job in life, first and foremost is to continue to live true to this purpose I’ve said myself to be, and secondly, to share this purpose as a possibility — the possibility of all people living on purpose.”

CREATING POSSIBILITY – As the line from my purposeful prayer suggests, the next “conversation” in the Structure of Fulfillment is to share a possibility with another, in this case the possibility of others clarifying and living true to their own life purpose. You can think of each of these different parts like the different layers of a cake, with the bottom layer being the largest, then the next layer being slightly smaller, etc. In other words, if you’re out to create a large possibility in another person’s listening, you need to first build a deep sense of connection and relationship. Upon this foundation, you begin a conversation with the intention of creating a possibility for another, some possibility that the other person can become inspired about, sufficiently that they will want to take some action to bring that possibility into reality.

Again, if I’m living my own life on purpose and it’s a rich, fulfilling, and joyful life, my own life becomes an expression and demonstration of the possibility for clarifying ones’ life purpose and living true to it. Sharing the many benefits of such a life begins to create that possibility for another.

HOW TO FULFILL ON THE POSSIBILITY – I believe in the original Structure for Fulfillment this was called the Conversation for Opportunity. It’s an essential piece of the puzzle that can be easily dropped out. Often times, when a person gets excited about a possibility, their tendency is to want to jump immediately into action. But if the possibility is a large one, jumping right into action may be premature, particularly if the person isn’t sure what the action or actions need to be to bring the possibility into reality. In other words, it’s helpful to know some specifics about how to go about bringing the possibility into reality — the who, what, where, when and how.

For example, let’s say you’ve established a strong connection and relationship with another person, and you’ve shared with that person the possibility of living on purpose and they see how knowing their life purpose and living true to it could be of value in their own life. But how do they proceed? Well, at least one way would be for them to go through the Life On Purpose Process, so in this stage of the conversation you’d let them know about what the Life On Purpose Process is, how it works, the various ways someone can go through the process, what’s the time and finances involved, etc. You can think of this as building a bridge that spans between the possibility and the actions that will lead to it becoming a reality.

TAKING ACTION – Now, it’s time for action. This can be in the form of a request, recommendation, or invitation. In the example we’ve been working with, it could mean inviting the person to find out more about the Life On Purpose Process by attending a fr.ee telesampler. It might be inviting to connect them with your Life On Purpose Coach, or to share with them the Life On Purpose web site and requesting they visit it over the next week and then talk again.

Now, why might you want to do all this? Well, here’s what I’ve come to realized over the years. The more people in my life who know with crystal clarity their own life purpose as well as their Inherited Purpose, and know and are using the Power Tools for Living On Purpose, the easier it is for me to continue to live my own life on purpose. I don’t have to wait until everyone in the world is living on purpose. I can build a world on purpose around me. I think of it as a purposeful bubble made up of other purposeful people. So, it becomes a triple win. I win by being able to live more fully my life purpose, the people I share this possibility with win, and ultimately the world wins.

This is the process of engaging the world. I suppose it’s not for everyone. It’s really only for those people who want to have the most satisfying and fulfilling life possible, and are willing to share that possibility with others. How about you? Are you ready to engage the world, one person at a time?