Escape “Reality” with Escape Pod

Today’s post is of a personal nature. I have a confession. I love science fiction and fantasy, and have for close to 50 years, ever since my next-door-neighbor, Mrs. Crabtree, the children’s librarian, took pity on my mom, and brought me home a stack of books to keep me from driving my mom completely bonkers over the summer. Among that stack was Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine, and thus began my love of these two genres.

One of my favorite ways to indulge in this passion is through Escape Pod, a science fiction podcast magazine, founder and maintained by Steve Eley. I’m not sure how I discovered Escape Pod, but I’m sure glad I did. Steve does a great job of picking interesting stories that often push the envelope while remaining engaging and entertaining. Take for instance, Conversations With and About My Electric Toothbrush, y Derek Zumsteg, and read by Jared Axelrod (of The Department of Public Words).

Here’s how this one starts:

“I read an interesting forum post last night,” my electric toothbrush told me over its low burr.

“Thiff ouff thew be thood,” I said through my mouth of foam.

ldquo;It was!rdquo; he replied. “Using readily available components, Monkeymonkey turned his Intellibrush into a milk frother.”

I spit into the sink and set my toothbrush in its white ceramic charger. “What would I do with a milk frother?”

“Make cappucinos,” my toothbrush said, with a hint of resignation, as I rinsed and spit again.

“I donrsquo;t drink cappucinos,” I said.

“You could start!”

I won’t go into the storyline here since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who decides to listen to it, except to say that I heard a definite “living on purpose” theme to the story while be immensely entertained by its humor. Good work Derek, and also Steve for finding the story and sharing it with us.

Since Escape Pod is maintained through contributions from listeners, you can listen for free, and when you feel so inclined contribute so we can all continue to listen — something I plan to do right after I post this blog. So, if you enjoy taking flights of fancy and fantasy with your mind, check out Escape Pod and let me know what you think.