Fairy Dust

This week I have a treat for you. A short essay from my lovely wife,



Be ye like little children to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Given it is that time of year for Halloween, I had the opportunity to
dress up and go to a church Halloween party. So I donned my purple
dress and borrowed my daughter’s fairy wings, fairy headdress and went
as a fairy godmother. A quick and easy costume, little did I know what
would come out of being a fairy godmother for the night.

While at church I met two other fairies just starting on their journey
as fairies, I have been on mine for over 50 years now. Both of the
other fairies were new to flying and understanding that it takes a good
deal of imagination to make it work. One was a believer and one was
not. So while these first grade fairies parents were tied up with other
church duties, I thought we could take a flight around the church. It
took a little coaxing on our part to our non-believing low imagining
fairy but with a little encouragement she was able to see that you can
fly if you just try.

We decided to fly into the sanctuary and sprinkle fairy dust over all
the seats so that when people came to church the next morning they
would receive happiness and joy upon entering. My first fairy friend
said we needed buckets of fairy dust and proceeded to go to the tech
booth and produce two huge (although invisible) buckets of dust. We
then flew through the church sprinkling fairy dust everywhere we could

It was great to fly and spread joy and happiness to unsuspecting church
members who would never know what we had done the night before. This
happy little band of fairies had great fun spreading fairy dust all
over our church. At the end of the evening when one of the volunteers
was vacuuming the carpet my little friend said, “Don’t vacuum the fairy
dust!” This gave me great joy to know this little fairy was watching
out over her work and did not want it destroyed.

It made me wonder how many times have we gone around spreading our own
fairy dust of joy and happiness only to have it vacuumed up by someone
who is not thinking or unaware of their grumpiness. So next time this
Let it sprinkle on you all day and enjoy the side affects.

May your day be filled with happiness, love and joy.
Your fairy godmother,
Ann Swift
November 2, 2005