Finding Your Way Back To Your Inner Child

Living on Purpose Means Finding Your Way Back To Your Inner Child

Throughout her life, there have been many times when Faith M. Davis, owner of Enchant ~ Designs for the Soul, asked herself when she would ever figure out what she was meant to do with her life. One day, it all fell into place…

Isn’t it funny how we often come full circle in our lives, realizing as an adult that we are meant to do what we started out doing as a child? There is so much wisdom in childhood – that time in a person’s life should be honored and called upon, because childhood is when we express our true, uninhibited self. Unfortunately, we usually let that go as we enter adulthood, thinking, “What did I know? I was only a child.”

Faith found her inner child

As a child, Faith knew what she was meant to do. Her love for paper, art, writing and helping people brighten their day was her reason for opening a gift shop in her house at the age of 10. She made her own products and marketed them to the neighborhood by handing out handmade newsletters and samples. She created a catalog of handmade holiday cards to sell for 50¢ apiece, took orders and produced and sold over $300 in cards that first year.

As an adult, she struggled with where to put her talents to work. Graduating college with a degree in fashion design and then pursuing numerous other careers in waitressing, account management, life coaching and sales and marketing, she felt like a floundering child when she “should” have felt like an adult who had it all together.
Then she was brought back to what she did as a child, and it all became clear, and to top that off, it seemed that everything she had done throughout her life actually did make sense because it helped her gain additional skills to turn her childhood dream into a successful reality

Faith now creates inspirational artwork and quotes, which she turns into functional art by reproducing them onto paper products such as journals, note cards, bookmarks and wall hangings. She has discovered that her mission is to provide “Art, words and wisdom to inspire your inner journey.” Her goal is to not only sell her products to people, but to also provide them with a means to use the products to transform their lives. That is why she offers a free “Inspire Your Inner Journey” program along with her products. To browse her work and sign up for her free program, visit: .

Note from Brad:  Faith’s journals are beautiful.  I’m using one myself for capturing my creative ideas.  They get a two thumbs up from me.