First Weekend “Pay What You Can” TeleRetreat – Dec. 4 – 6

Are You Confused & Wondering What It's All About – Life that is?

I remember saving up my pennies and fibbing about my age to go see Michael Caine in the movie, ALFIE — 'cause I really wanted to know what it was all about — life that is, and that was the theme of the movie.

Do you find yourself confused by life these days?  After all, look at all the choices you have to fill your days — much more than when we were growing up.

It can really be confusing to know what combination of all these choices will really result in a life that matters, that's meaningful, fulfilling and…well, fun and worthwhile.

How do you decide?  Well, for many people, it's just a matter of what shows up in any given moment.  But the problem with that is before you know it you can feel tossed around like a cork in the current of life's circumstances, and before long you're playing the role of Alfie, and asking:

"What's it all about?"

There is Another Option
More and more people are finding that life works out much better if they let it be shaped by their life purpose — by what really matters to them, what they see to be possible for the world, and first and foremost, to be true to themselves — the ingredients of a Life On Purpose.

You then use that clarity of purpose to make your decisions, your choice and to determine where you will put your time, energy and actions.

And the first major step in that direction is to gain that 'clarity of purpose' which is what we'll be engaged in during the LIVING & WORKING ON PURPOSE TELERETREAT over the Dec. 4-6 weekend.

You can find out all about it here:

I'm pleased to say that early registrations are at a steady rate, so I urge you not to 'purposelessly procrastinate' and then find the retreat full.  Also, there's some pre-retreat prep assignments to complete so you'll want to give yourself plenty of time to engage in those.

P. S.
On the TeleRetreat page you'll also find out why we've decided to offer it on a "Pay What You Can" financial basis — attend the weekend, and at the end you get to determine what you feel it was worth and what your financial situation will let you pay. That page is:

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Here's another option to find out more about the TeleRetreat:
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