The Flow of Money and Meaning

There are many different ways to relate to money — some of them empower us in our lives and many of them disempower us or reduce our levels of satisfaction and fulfillment.

One way to relate to money that I have found to be particularly powerful and fun to engage in is to view money as energy.  This isn’t all that hard to understand or try on since everything in our physical universe, including money, is energy.

But do we really relate to money in this fashion?  When I look at the world and the amount of suffering and struggling I see, much of it around money, I fear we rarely realize or truly relate to money as a form that energy takes.  If we did, we’d realize that money as energy is readily convertible and that other forms of energy, such as our talents and skills can be easily converted to money as well.

As my wife and I have begun to ‘purposefully play’ with this idea that money is one form the energy of the universe takes, we’ve found some interesting ways to attract more of this form of energy to us.  One of my favorite is blessing the flow of money into and out of our life.  Now, I know for many reading this the idea of blessing money into our life is fairly easy, but why bless it out of our life?  Aren’t we supposed to hold onto it?  Isn’t that the way to become rich.  Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

When we realize that money is really energy then we can begin to see that there is a natural flow of all energy.  In fact, it’s when there isn’t this natural flow in and out that we get into trouble.  For example, try out this simple exercise to illustrate the point.

Relax and begin to breath in.  When your lungs appear to be full, continue to breath in, and then again and again.  It won’t take long before you realize the blessed gift of exhaling!

What if the same is true of money?  Wouldn’t it make sense to bless the outflow of money which then makes room for the inflow of new money.  Why not try it and see what effect it has to bless this natural flow rather than to fear or curse it?  Here’s what we’ve been doing to assist us in relating to money in this energy flowing way.

Each month we print out a blessing that we then read to ourselves before adding them to our mailing of checks out of our business and our personal account.  We include this blessing with each check we send out.  Here’s an example:

Thank you for the role you and your company have played in allowing us — the Swift Family — to live and express our life purpose.  Your service allows Life On Purpose Institute to fulfill its vision of a world in which all people live purposeful, passionate and prosperous lives of service; lives of mindful abundance and simplicity, and spiritual serenity.
Bless you!

Ann, Brad and Amber Swift

Imagine what the response must be at the other end when these bills are open.  But more importantly, it has us be mindful and attentive to the rich abundant flow of God’s green energy of money.