Focus Wheels for Targeting Your Intentions

I recently shared this with our new and growing iJango Business On Purpose Team so it felt right to share it on the Living & Working On Purpose Blog as well:

Are you familiar with focus wheels?  They are a great tool for optimizing the law of attraction offered by Abraham-Hicks.  Ann and I created one the other day just two days from the deadline for qualifying for the regional directorship. 

The focus, i.e. The intention of the focus wheel was to reach the regional director position, and it worked very well. Even though we had only two days remaining we reached the position with…well, hours to spare. <G>

So, while they're not strictly a tool from the Life On Purpose tool box, I wanted you to know about them and perhaps try them out for yourself.

Here's a couple links:

1. For a good quick overview via utube

2. For where you can get a template to use online: