For All My Book Loving Friends

I love books.  I'm surrounded by them in my home.  I have a stake next to my bed, and bookcases in almost every room, etc. And I just watched a movie/documentary that helped me get in touch with how much I love books and how much they've contributed to my life and to life on this planet.

So, I share this with my other book loving friends, that if you haven't yet seen Stone Reader …well you just got to get a copy of it.  I it's also available through NetFlix though I found my copy quite by accident at my library, on the cart of DVDs that were about to be placed back on the shelves.

Now, if you're not an avid book lover, this film will likely become long and tedious, and in fact, as much as I love books, it did seem to drag along in spots.  But on the whole, it's well worth the two hours invested. 

Basically, the story line is about this guy, Mark, who reads this book after having it kicking around his space for a while, and just loving the book, finding that it was well received by the book reviewers, etc. but then couldn't find out anything else about the author, even though this was now several years later. 

The book, The Stones of Summer, was written by Dow Mossman, and has subsequently been published again and has developed quite a following, in large part due to the film.  I have the book on the top of my stack next to my bed, but haven't started it yet, so stay tuned.  But whether the book turns out to be as great as the movie suggests, I can definitely encourage book lovers will enjoy the film, and relate to much of it.

If you watch it, come back here and let me know what you get out of it.  For me, as not only a book lover but an author, it has inspired to to resume working on my next book, Spiral of Fulfillment: Designing a Life of Service, Simplicity and Spiritual Serenity.  More on that later.