Brad Coaching

Blueprint for Building a Practice on Purpose

Have you ever seen a skyscraper being built? If so, you know that for the first several weeks or months, very little appears to be happening, at least above ground. That’s because the initial work is focused on building a solid foundation. The higher the skyscraper is designed to be, the more solid the foundation needs to be to support all those stories.

The foundation of a Practice On Purpose is what I refer to as “Clarity of Purpose,” which includes all the components under the ==== line in the diagram below:

  • Balance Your Life & Practice On Purpose
  • Design Your Practice as a Vision Directed, Financially Responsible Enterprise
  • Identify Your Perfect Clients & Develop an Attraction Marketing System
  • Forge a Practice On Purpose Operating System
  • Develop a Championship Team by Creating a Coaching Climate
  • Identify & Move Beyond the Fear-based Culture of Business
  • Create a Practice On Purpose Vision Aligned with Your Life Purpose
  • ===========
  • Gain Crystal Clarity in Your Own Life Purpose
  • Life On Purpose Perspective
  • I. D. the I. P.
  • Clarify Your True Life Purpose
  • Learn & Use the Tools for Living on Purpose
  • Manage Energy not Time

In other words, if you want to build a solid practice – a practice that will be a reflection of your core values, your vision for what’s possible, and the essence of who you are – you need to start by clarifying your life purpose, which includes rethinking the very definition of what a life purpose even is. That’s why this part of the building process starts with the Life On Purpose Perspective. To learn more about this core ‘shift in thinking’ I encourage you to participate in one of Life On Purpose Institute’s free telesamplers, especially the ones entitled FROM BURNED OUT TO TURNED ON: Rekindling Your Passion for Life through Purpose.

Why is this foundation building process of clarifying your life purpose so important to building a practice on purpose? Because clarity of purpose – knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt what your true life purpose is, is the doorway to tapping into your passion and passion is the fuel that propels your forward that keeps you in the game even when it’s not going in your favor. It’s what allows you to tap into the all important ‘purposeful patience and persistence,’ so vital to building anything of real worth.

Oh, and if you think your life purpose is “being a veterinarian” I would invite you to think again, because as we’ll explore further in this series, a life purpose is something that encompasses ALL of your life, not just a part of it, no matter how important that part is. And your life purpose isn’t what you DO. It’s more about who you are, what you value most in life, and what you see possible for the world. But we’ll get further into that in one of our future installments. In the meantime, what is your answer to these questions?

Do you know with crystal clarity your true purpose? What do you say your life purpose is?

Being able to answer this last one with crystal clarity is key to building a practice on purpose.