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Are You a Life On Purpose Coach in Disguise?

I believe one of the simplest ways to begin to answer this question for yourself is to read over the Life on Purpose Coaches Creed and then ask yourself a simple question.  Here’s the creed:

  • Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you, on your life purpose and on living true to it…
  • Imagine someone listening, not only to your words, but also to the soul behind them as it expresses its truest desires…
  • Imagine someone who will be your partner as you hold yourself accountable for living true to your life purpose…
  • Imagine this person being curious about your dreams and aspirations, your vision for the world and what you are most passionate about in your life – a person who will help you clarify projects that are consistent with your vision, values and and who you are, and will help you develop the means to fulfill on them…
  • Imagine a relationship in your life with a person who may at times appear even more committed to what you want in your life than you are…
  • Imagine in this relationship you could count on this person to absolutely tell you the truth with ruthless compassion – the truth about your many gifts and talents that perhaps you’ve taken for granted, as well as where they see you selling out on who you really are…
  • Imagine a relationship that supports you in breaking free from the self limiting constraints of your past – where now the voice exposing your limitations is recognized for what it is – a voice from the past, and it’s your true spirit that is nurtured to shape and form your life, moment by moment, day by day.

So, now the question to ask yourself — Could you be this for another person?

Yet, that’s not all.  You see, one of the great ‘side benefits’ of being a Life On Purpose Coach is that it’s a great support structure for living your own life on purpose.  So, ask yourself this question:  How would having such support enhance your own life?

The next question to ask yourself is:  “Do I have an entrepreneurial spirit?”  This is important to ask because,  for most people, being a professional life coach means owning, running and managing their own business…with all the pluses as well as all the challenges.

Which is also why one of intentions of our training is to help you become not only an effective coach, but also a successful coach that knows how to treat their coaching endeavors as a for profit business, not as a hobby. In other words, we’re here to assist you in further developing your entrepreneurial spirit and putting it into action in developing a flourishing business on purpose.

Does this continue to sound like it may be a fit for you?  If so, here are a couple next steps:

  1. If you’ve not yet taken the Life On Purpose Coaches Self Test, take a few minutes to complete it next, or
  2. Learn more about what it takes to become a masterful Life On Purpose Coach by reviewing the Coaches Mentoring Program.

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