Life On Purpose Coaches Mentoring Program


Hands-on training for becoming a Masterful Life On Purpose Coach in Your Life

What Does it Mean to be a Life On Purpose Coach in Your Life?

Through the past almost twenty years of being a Life On Purpose Coach as well as training many others, I’ve realized one of the greatest hidden benefits to being a Life On Purpose Coach is how much it supports me in living true to my own life purpose. That’s why one of the primary purposes and intentions of the Coaches Mentoring Program is to help the participants to deepen their ability to design their own life on purpose.

After all, we all want our lives to matter, right?

A Life that Matters, Yes Really!

Have you ever wished you could make a difference in another person’s life — maybe even a profound and lasting difference? You know the kind I mean. Some people refer to such a difference as transformational in nature — the type of difference that impacts all of the person’s life. The kind of difference that lasts a lifetime. What if I told you that you could make such a difference while also making a similar difference in your own life? Now, that would be interesting, right?

After all, we want more than anything  for our life to matter.  We really want our life to be filled with purpose and meaning, but unfortunately with the hectic pace of today’s world it’s so easy to lose sight of these higher goals and aspirations.  Like the old saying goes: “It’s hard to remember your purpose was to drain the swamp when you’re up to your a_ _ in alligators.

It’s also hard for us to remember our intention is to live the most purposeful and meaningful life when we find ourselves running around trying to solve one crisis after another.

You may find that months even years can go by that look and feel pretty much the same. Then, one day you awake to realize that, while your life is okay, it’s missing that special something — that experience of real passion and engagement on a daily basis. Your routine may have deteriorated into a rut. But how do you break out and really start to live a passion-filled and purposeful life?

Have You Tried Some of These?

Maybe you start by driving to the local bookstore to buy another self-help book. You even do some of the exercises, and they help — kinda. Or you decide to attend a weekend retreat, and that helps too for a little while. But before you know it, you’re right back in the same ol’ grind of daily life and it’s hard to tell if you’ve made any real progress in your personal growth and development. How can you ever expect to help other people live a purposeful and meaningful life when you can’t seem to do it yourself for more than a few days or weeks before you fall back into old habits?

Self-help books are fine, as are workshops and retreats. I’ve read a bunch of self-help books and even written several myself. I’ve also created and led a number of workshops. The problem is that they rarely give the long lasting results you’re looking for. Making a really profound and lasting difference in your life takes more effort over a longer and more sustained period of time.

But if you’re looking for the ‘fast fix’ you end up buying the next hot book that hits the market, or signing up for the next weekend retreat or workshop.  Still, it may often feel like you’re taking three steps forward and two steps back. As a friend of mine once said, “I don’t feel like I’m making any real progress. I feel like I have to line my life up with a tree just to detect any movement.”

What I Found That Really Works

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Powerful words of wisdom. You see, to make really significant, even profound and lasting change in your life you need to start at the level of being.  You need to be the change and you need to be that change over time. So if you want to live a purposeful and meaningful life, it starts by knowing who you are at the soul and being level, and then practice being that on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. And what better way to do this over time than to spend time on a regular basis teaching and coaching others on how to do this as well.

And that’s what a Life On Purpose Coach does. More to the point, that’s who a Life On Purpose Coach is. Not only do Life On Purpose Coaches help others in a significant and lasting way by helping them to clarify their life purpose and live true to it, it’s also the best way I know to really live true to your own purpose in the process. It’s akin to the old saying, “We teach what we most need to learn.”

So, as we teach/coach other people on how to live a life on purpose, we’re more able to practice what we’re teaching and coaching. How awesome is that? Teach and coach what you most need and want to learn yourself.

A Proven Approach that Works

How do I know this approach works? Simple. It’s what I’ve been doing (and being) for the past seventeen-plus years. You see, I’m not just one of the co-founders of Life On Purpose Institute; not just the originator of the Life On Purpose Process.  I’ve also been a Life On Purpose Certified Coach all that time.  It’s been my honor and privilege to help hundreds of other people to bring real clarity of purpose to their life through  my individual coaching practice while helping thousands of others to step upon the Purposeful Path through my books, telecourses, and the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach.

Most importantly, for over a decade and a half, I’ve applied and integrated into my own life the principles and practices that I coach and teach to my clients. In the process I’ve had the true joy of living a most purposeful, passionate and playful life of service (which happens to be a key part of my life purpose statement).

Now, I’m not saying this is the only way to make a profound and lasting difference, but I do know that it’s one of the best ways to live true to your own purpose by being a Life On Purpose Coach in your life.  For example, consider the Life On Purpose Coaches Creed — a declaration of who a Life On Purpose Coach is for their clients (and the world):

a relationship where the total focus
is on you, on your life purpose and on living true to it….

  • Imagine someone listening, not only to your words, but also to the soul behind them as it expresses its truest desires.
  • Imagine someone who will be your partner as you hold yourself accountable for living true to your life purpose.
  • Imagine this person being curious about your dreams and aspirations, your vision for the world and what you are most passionate about in your life — a person who will help you clarify projects that are consistent with your vision, values and who you are and will help you develop the means to fulfill on them.
  • Imagine a relationship in your life with a person who may at times appear more committed to what you want in your life than you are.
  • Imagine in this relationship you could count on this person to absolutely tell you the truth with ruthless compassion — the truth about your many gifts and talents that perhaps you’ve taken for granted, as well as where they see you’re selling out on who you really are.
  • Imagine a relationship that supports you in breaking free from the self limiting constraints of your past — where now the voice exposing your limitations is recognized for what it is — a voice from the past, and it’s your true spirit that is nurtured to shape and form your life, moment by moment, day by day.

Now. . . Imagine you are that person for another because you are their Life On Purpose Coach.


How to Become a Life On Purpose Coach in Your Life

I share all this so you can determine for yourself if becoming a Life On Purpose Coach in your life is what’s next for you. You see, being a Life On Purpose Coach can take many different forms. You may:

  • Already be a life coach who is now looking for a proven coaching approach that makes a profound and lasting difference with their clients
  • Be someone who desires to enter the coaching profession and wants to be able to offer such a coaching approach
  • Be in a helping profession like ministry, counseling, or human resources and want to incorporate life purpose coaching into your current career
  • Have a strong desire to live as purposeful and meaningful life as possible and realize living such a life can be a great way to empower and inspire others to do the same.

If so, you may also be a perfect candidate for the upcoming Life On Purpose Coaches Mentoring Program. You may be a Life On Purpose Coach in disguise.

Is the Coaches Mentoring Program for You?

First off, we don’t try to be everything for everyone. Life On Purpose Institute’s entire focus is about life purpose:

  • Helping people identify their purpose,
  • Helping them live true to it, and
  • Helping others to guide and coach people to live a life on purpose. We know that becoming a Life On Purpose Coach isn’t for everyone. So, one of the first steps to becoming a Life On Purpose Coach is to experience the Life On Purpose Process yourself. You may choose to be coached by one of our certified coaches or through one of our group and/or online programs.

Our coaching approach to life purpose uses a proven, systematic, spiritually based and practical coaching model that has helped thousands of people over the past 17+ years to clarify their life purpose and then design their life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose. What this means for you as a coach, is that your clients will enjoy being guided along a proven, program-oriented path. This also means you can begin to coach people much more quickly and easily while still providing profound and lasting value to your clients which results in happier, more satisfied clients who are then excited to refer other clients to you.

To become both effective as a coach and successful as a coach requires three important ingredients:

  • Picking the right form of coaching that resonates with you which can also benefit many other people,
  • Realizing that most people are more interested in coaching when it’s offered as a proven, systematic process or program, especially when it will help them solve one or more of their BIG problems,
  • Developing your abilities to be a small business owner / entrepreneur as well as a coach.

Not only are you trained to coach people through the Life On Purpose Process, you will also receive personal coaching and mentoring customized to your needs and desires during the Coaches Mentoring Program.

How is the New Coaches Mentoring Program Designed?

Through the years, the content of the Coaches Mentoring Program has continued to evolve as has the Life On Purpose Process. In 2014, we also made significant changes in how the Coaches Development Program is organized and delivered.  The most significant changes and benefits include:

  • You can now apply and be accepted to the Coaches Development Program at any time. You no longer need to wait until the next program start date rolls around.
  • You can go through the program at your own pace and on your own schedule,
  • While the course is designed to be completed in 9-months you now have up to 15 months to complete it.

This has all been made possible because much of the foundational content of the course is now available in the Coaches Mentoring Program Online Resource Center (CMP Online Resource Center). The Resource Center is composed of a series of online video classes, forms and coaching guides that our coaches-in-training have access to 24-7.

At the same time, you will work hand-in-hand with the co-founders of Life On Purpose Institute in regular monthly coach-mentoring one-on-one session via Google Hangout, Skype, or phone.

If you’ve not yet gone through the Life On Purpose Process yourself, you’ll start with module one — the Virtual Video Coach Online Program. If you’ve already used the Life On Purpose Process to clarify your life purpose, you can start your Coaches Mentoring Program with module 2 and then continue on with module 3.

The Coach Mentoring Program — Not a Cookie Cutter Program

As one of our coaches-in-training, you will:

  • Have complete access to the CMP Online Resource Center. You’ll take yourself through the different modules at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Be personally coached each month by one of the founders of Life On Purpose Institute.
  • Create and begin to fulfill on your first Purpose Project that will help you integrate the principles and distinctions of the Life On Purpose Process into your daily life.
  • You will also have the option to create a second Purpose Project for creating a coaching practice if you so desire
  • Have access to a private, online discussion group where you can share your progress and get your questions answered.

We offer our training in this combination of online video sessions and individual coaching because we know there are certain elements that everyone needs to learn, and at the same time each person has a unique set of circumstances that can be better addressed through individual coaching.

Two Tuition Plans Are Available

The two tuition plans for the Coaches Mentoring Program are:

  • 9, monthly payments of $395, or
  • A one-time payment. If paid in this way, you will receive a discount of $395, making your total tuition $3,160.

(Partial scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis.)

Could You be a Life On Purpose Coach in Disguise?

Only you can say if being a Life On Purpose Coach in your life is what’s next for you. Here are a few resources to help you determine if you should apply:

  1. Complete the Coaches Mentoring Program Questionnaire below. You’ll then be directed to a page where you have the option to reserve your spot in the CMP by placing a refundable deposit down if you so desire. This will demonstrate to you and us your level of commitment to be trained as a Life On Purpose Coach.
  2. Once we receive your CMP Questionnaire (with or without your deposit) we’ll schedule a hangout, skype, or phone conversation with you, during which we’ll make a final determination if this really is what’s next for you.

A Few Final Questions

What would it mean to be a Life On Purpose Coach in your life?

 How would knowing your life purpose with crystal clarity enhance your life on a day-to-day basis? 

What would it feel like to regularly provide such ‘clarity of purpose’ to other people around you?

Would it not provide you with a life worth living — a life that matters?

If you’d like to discuss these questions with someone or you have other questions about what it takes to become a Life On Purpose Coach, you may contact me via email here, or call me (and yes, I answer my own phone whenever I’m in the office) and we’ll chat. My number is 828-697-9239 and my Skype ID is coachbrad21. Let’s talk. I’m here to be of service.

Brad Swift
Co-founder Life On Purpose & Life On Purpose Certified Coach

Coaches Mentoring Program Interest Questionnaire

Thank you for exploring what is involved in being trained as a Life On Purpose Coach. Completing this form does not commit you to entering the Coaches Mentoring Program nor does it indicate acceptance. It will simply help you and us to determine whether becoming a Life On Purpose Coach would be a good fit.

Step 2 of this process involves having a phone/skype conversation to explore this possibility further. See below.

  • If you are outside the USA, we'll schedule a follow up conversation via skype so please enter your skype I.D. here. If you're in the USA and would still prefer talking via skype please enter your I.D. here also.
  • If you have not yet completed the Life On Purpose Process, please skip down to Question #5.
  • (If you've not yet completed the Life On Purpose Process, simply indicate so here.)
  • (If you've not yet completed the Life On Purpose Process, simply indicate so here.)
  • (If you've not yet completed the Life On Purpose Process, simply indicate so here.)
  • Being trained as a Life On Purpose Coach through the Coaches Mentoring Program is a significant commitment of time, energy and money, and is not to be taken too lightly (or too heavily either). Typically other "coaches-in-training" have invested anywhere from 3 - 7 hours per week in study, role playing, working with their coach/mentor and first clients, and in many cases developing their business. So, it's important that your life is working well enough and that you have sufficient support for such a sizable commitment.

    Please consider this and respond to this question in the block below:"Is your life working and do you have sufficient support to complete this program over the next 9-15 months without causing undo stress or suffering to yourself or your loved one? Please elaborate."

  • NOW LET'S SCHEDULE A PHONE OR SKYPE CONVERSATION The next step to determine if becoming a Life On Purpose Coach is a fit for you is for us to talk. So, to minimize the amount of phone tag, please give 3 dates and times when you would be available to chat. The best days and time for me are: Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10 am to 4 pm eastern time. I will contact you within 5 business days to confirm an appointment time.

    IMPORTANT: If you live outside the eastern time zone, please adjust the times you enter for eastern time. This will avoid a lot of confusion in arranging a time to talk. If you have already scheduled a time, simply write in the date and time in the first choice.

    After you've submitted the questionnaire you will be redirected to a page where you can reserve your spot in the CMP with an initial refundable deposit. If accepted, it will be applied to your tuition. If it's determined this is not a fit at this time, it will be refunded to you. While it is not required to make an initial deposit it will both reserve your spot and indicate your level of commitment to be trained as a Life on Purpose Coach. Thanks!

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