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Wouldn’t it be great to make extra money while also helping people clarify their Divinely Inspired Life Purpose?

Well, you can, and the perfect vehicle that will make a difference for people in the world, while also creating an additional stream of income for you is the Purposeful Partners Affiliate Program.

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The Vision

Our vision is simple: to be a catalyst for creating a world on purpose. For over sixteen years Life On Purpose Institute (LOPI) has served thousands of individuals around the world with a proven, systematic, spiritually-based and practical approach to clarifying their life purpose and to then design their life as a true and authentic reflection of their purpose.

Purpose Partners

The list of affiliates that are joining the Life On Purpose Institute is growing rapidly. Many well known personal growth experts such as, Steve Pavlina, Terri Levine, and Tina Games, promote the Life On Purpose Institute’s vision and products to bring a world on purpose. This is what Steve had to say about one of our most popular online products:

I was already familiar with Brad’s work because I reviewed his book Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life  in 2007, and we’ve kept in touch over the years. Life on Purpose is simply the best book on life purpose I’ve ever read, and it deserves the rare honor of maintaining a solid 5-star average rating on Amazon.com.

Brad’s new program is called the Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach.

I went through the entire program in May, and I loved it. I had to chuckle at the synchronicity because this was essentially the product I was trying to create. My ideas and processes were different of course, but the end benefits would be the same — to help you bring a clear sense of purpose to your life and to fully ground it in your daily actions, so that you’re truly living on purpose.

We want to make sure that the Life On Purpose Institute’s affiliate program is a match for both groups. Some of  the qualities we feel make great Purposeful Partners are that they:

  • Have clarified their own life purpose, intend to live purposefully, and have a desire to help others grow purposefully and consciously
  • Have gone through troubling or challenging times in their life and have found ways to learn and grow into a more functional human being. Because of their compassion and inspiration, they have a message to share that will help others to heal and live a more fulfilling life.
  • Have an established customer base of people and have built a level of trust through honesty and service. The number of people on the list isn’t nearly as important as the relationship that you’ve established over the years.

Commissions and Compensation

Life On Purpose Institute has two commission structures. First, for any online program, such as the Virtual Video Coach (VVC), you get 35% percent of each sale that you make with your affiliate link. For example, if you sell the VVC basic package priced at $219 USD, you earn 35% of that total which is roughly $76 USD for each sale.

For other products, such as the Virtual Video Coach Premium option which includes 1-on-1 coaching from a Life On Purpose Coach, you’ll receive a flat rate payment. (Currently $99)

Sign Up to Become a Purpose Partner Affiliate

If you are ready to join us in creating a world on purpose, while also making a nice income, I recommend you sign up right now by clicking this link: Purposeful Partner Affiliate Sign Up

Once you click that link, you will be brought to a sign up form. Fill in those details because it enables Life On Purpose to communicate with you and it is necessary for you to get paid. Once you sign up, you will be automatically added to the affiliate newsletter (which you can unsubscribe from anytime) about Life On Purpose product updates, purposeful marketing strategies, and how to get started promoting Life On Purpose Institute’s vision and products.

If you have any questions, email Ann Swift or contact Life On Purpose Institute at 828-697-9239.

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To help you become a successful purposeful partner we have created the Affiliate Resource Area where you will find useful information about our purposeful products as well as how to share these products and programs with your network.  Check it out here.

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