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Brad Swift
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I am accepting new individual clients. To explore working together request an initial coaching consultation by completing this questionnaire. The purpose of this initial consultation is to determine if we’d be a good fit to work together in an ongoing coaching relationship as well as to add value to your life.

Hello, I’m Brad Swift, a co-founder of Life On Purpose Institute. (I’m the one on the right with one of my dogs, Little Bit.) Over the past sixteen years of being one of the co-founders and a Life On Purpose Coach, my practice has evolved to working with three primary groups of people:

Boomers in Overwhelm, even Burnout

Many boomers find themselves in mid-life living lives of ‘quiet desperation’ knowing intuitively that there must be more to life…a deeper sense of purpose and meaning but it seems to stay just out of their grasp. Learn more Here.

People Ready to Design their Encore Performance and Life Legacy

Are you a man or woman either in or approaching your retirement years who feel bored by the typical retirement lifestyle or realize it’s not for you? If so, you may be ready to design an “encore performance life” of deep purpose and meaning, but aren’t sure how to go about it. If so, we should talk. Learn More Here.

People of All Ages Desiring to Know Their Life Purpose with Crystal Clarity

I’ve worked with people from many different walks of life from the ages of ten to eighty-three. The one thing they had in common was a deep desire to know their true life purpose and to be able to design a life that is an authentic reflection of that purpose. I offer various coaching plans and fee structures. If we’re meant to work together, I truly do not want money to be a insurmountable obstacle. I balance that intention with an understanding that I offer valuable service that makes a tremendous difference to my clients’ lives. This is not meant for folks who want to make minimal improvements, or aren’t sure what help they need. This is meant to be an investment that will be transformational in your life. To be an empowering relationship that makes a significant and lasting difference in your knowing your life purpose with crystal clarity and designing your life to be a true reflection of that purpose. I limit the number of individual clients I have at any one time. I used to have a lot of individual clients, but I’ve found that I work better, and enjoy it more, if I have fewer clients, generally 6 or less, so that each one gets plenty of personal attention. If this resonates with you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Are We a Fit?

Over the past 22-plus years  of coaching I’ve learned that one thing that makes life coaching so powerful in a person’s life is making sure there’s a good match between the coach and the client. With a good match, magic and miracles are possible — without it…well, not so much. That’s why I offer an initial, no-obligation coaching consultation. There are two purposes and intentions for such a consultation:

  • To add value to your life for the pure joy of it, and
  • To determine if we’re a good match — is Life On Purpose Coaching what will serve you, and am I the best coach to help you design your life on purpose.

Ready to Book an Initial Consultation?

To request an initial coaching consultation complete the coaching questionnaire you’ll find by clicking here.