The Life On Purpose Coaches Collective


LOPCCollectiveThe Life On Purpose Coaches Collective is a community of dedicated, fun-loving life coaches especially trained to help people clarify their life purpose and live to true to it. While we have all been trained to use the Life On Purpose Process as our foundation for enhancing our clients’ lives, we each have our own unique style and specialties.

So, look us over.  Read about the coaches that seem like they may be a good fit, then select one to contact for

an initial coaching consultation. Who knows, this may be the first step to meeting your coach that can help you design a purposeful and passion-filled life.

Please note: All the coaches listed on this page offer a no-cost Initial Coaching Consultation to help the coach and potential client to determine if they would be a good match for an ongoing coaching relationship. If you find it necessary to request a second consultation from another coach, there is a small fee for these additional consultations.

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