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How the Life On Purpose Process Works

The Life On Purpose Process is a proven, systematic, spiritually-based and practical approach that has assisted thousands of people to clarify their life purpose and to then design their life as a true and authentic reflection of their purpose. To expand upon this just a bit:

Proven — Since its conception in the early 90’s, thousands of people have used the Life On Purpose Process to bring clarity of purpose to their life so we know it works and works well,

Systematic — The 6 Passages that make up the Process will guide you step by step — truly a roadmap to your life on purpose

Spiritually Based — The Life On Purpose Process works with and is consistent with universal spiritual principles that are found in all authentic spiritual paths, like the law of attraction, the attractive force of universal Love, the power of gratitude and living a grace-filled life, etc.

People of many different religions and denominations have experienced the process and received immense value including those whose definition of spiritual didn’t include a belief in a Higher Power necessarily. In the Life On Purpose Process spiritual is defined as a connection to a deeply held set of values and to a purpose beyond one’s self-interest.

Practical — Not just theory or esoteric principles, but ideas, distinctions, and tools that you can apply immediately to enhance your experience of daily life.

It has worked for thousands of people — it can work for you.

But How Does it Work?

Good question. Let me start to answer that with this short video:

And to bring this a little more into the practical, day-to-day world, here’s a short example:

Whether you’re longing for a deeper spiritual connection, feel adrift in life, or overwhelmed by life, rest assured there’s nothing wrong. There may, however, be something missing , the presence of which could make all the difference in the world:  Clarity of Purpose.

Clarity of Purpose has 3 components:

  • Being crystal clear of your true, divinely inspired life purpose,
  • Uncovering and being responsible for what has been running your life (especially when you feel threatened) so you can consciously choose to move beyond it, and
  • Learning and utilizing simple & effective tools to design your life to be a true and authentic reflection of your purpose.

How to Gain Clarity of Purpose

Like the “yellow brick road” of The Wizard of Oz eventually led Dorothy back home — home in the sense of where she belonged & also to who she truly was — there is a path that can lead you to clarity about your purpose, and the ability to design your life to be a true and authentic reflection of who you really are. We call this your Divinely-Inspired Life Purpose, and the Life On Purpose Process that is the foundation of all our work serves as your road map to your custom-designed life on purpose offered in these 6 Passages:

1. Preparing for the Journey Along the Purposeful Path: As we’ve begun to explore, as with any challenging journey, it’s best to thoroughly prepare yourself for your travels along the Purposeful Path. This includes accurately determining where you are starting from and where you intend to end up, as well as what some of the obstacles that can get in the way of completing the journey. “Purposeful Preparation” is important to a successful journey.

2. Starting on the Correct Path with the Life On Purpose Perspective:
As with any journey it makes sense to begin on the path that will get you where you want to go most expediently, so we’ll explore how most people have thought of a life purpose (the Cultural Perspective), and then look in depth at the Life On Purpose Perspective that open a door to a new world of purpose and possibility.

3. Clarifying What Has Been Shaping Your Life – Your Inherited Purpose:
Another key passage along the Purposeful Path is clearly identifying what has been shaping your life and keeping you from clarifying and living your true, divinely inspired life purpose. We call this the Inherited Purpose – a powerful force based in fear, lack and a need to struggle to survive that shapes our lives much of the time, especially when we’re unclear about our true purpose. Many who have already traveled along the Purposeful Path feel that identifying their specific and unique Inherited Purpose to be one of the most powerful, transforming parts of the Process.

4. Clarifying & Polishing Your True, Divinely Inspired Purpose:
After “cleaning the slate” by identifying and beginning to be responsible for your Inherited Purpose, the real fun begins as you go through a process called “Priming Your Passion” to clarify your true, divinely inspired life purpose. The process can be not only life affirming, but also life transforming. This completes Stage 1 or the clarifying your life purpose stage.

5. Learning the Tools for Living On Purpose:
This is the start of Stage 2 of the Process in which you begin to live true to your life purpose. This is where the “rubber meets the road” and where some of the biggest transformations take place as you’re introduced to 15 Power Tools for Living On Purpose. You will use these tools to begin to build your life on purpose.

6. Mastering the Tools for Living On Purpose:
Of course, being introduced to a set of tools is just the beginning, especially if you’re interested in building a masterpiece of a life on purpose. In this next part you will learn how to master the art and science of creating a life that is shaped by your true, divinely inspired life purpose.

Now that you have a better sense of how this works, why not step upon the Purposeful Path by receiving your copy of, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life. (Opens new window)

Or perhaps you realize it’s time to step onto the Purposeful Path and bring clarity of purpose to your life. One effective and economical ways to do so is through the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach that includes 15 online video coaching sessions plus a comprehensive workbook.  Learn more about it here.

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