What Others are Saying about Life On Purpose

Over the years many people have been so nice to share some heart-felt kind words about how the Life On Purpose Process has enhanced their lives, so I wanted to pull some of these together in one central place.

If you have experienced the Life On Purpose Process, whether through a 1-on-1 coaching relationship, through one of our classes, retreats, or coach training, or on your own through our home study courses or just reading the book and completing the exercises, please share your experiences with us.

So here are what others have said about the Life On Purpose Process:

“I was getting tired of buying and reading book after book on personal development, but rarely making any real positive changes in my life stick. I was feeling that something was missing – I wanted to be making a real difference with people and I wanted a sense of purpose in my life. I bought Brad’s book and immediately saw by flipping through the book that it was filled with insight – that this guy “got it.” But rather than reading through the book I decided to contact Brad and request coaching through the process.

Being coached by Brad  through the Life on Purpose process has truly been life-changing. Not only did he help me to gain crystal clarity about my life purpose, he helped me to uncover what had been holding me back for much of my life. Through the coaching, I became clear about what was the next step that I wanted to take in my life.

My life has gotten better in many ways as a result of the coaching:

  • the major anxiety that I experienced around my work is a thing
    of the past – I learned why I was experiencing this anxiety, and then
    how to overcome it and I can’t believe how effective it was.
  • I have been able to establish a habit of taking daily time for
    myself to reconnect with what’s truly important – this is something that
    I had tried and failed to do for 10 years beforehand, so I am so happy
    to have been able to achieve this.
  • I have been experiencing so many more feelings of joy,
    happiness and abundance since the programme, and life is just so much
  • Last of all, I have been making more progress than I can
    believe in manifesting my greatest desires due to the increased
    motivation and determination I have gained.”
    From Jonathan Dudley — a 30 year old IT Professional (turning Life Coach).

Tina Games-Evans, Freelancer writer from Alexandria (Tina also became a Life On Purpose Coach later)

“I had always felt like I was not living up to my potential and that there was something more to life- something more I “should be doing”. What I discovered was that what I thought my life purpose was actually my parents/culture’s idea of what I should be- not mine! This was transformational and allowed me to finally decide for myself, based on my own passions, my true purpose. My Divine Purpose is now conscious and drives all decisions and choices I make in my everyday life.” from Julie Chapman after clarifying her life purpose through the On Purpose Program at her spiritual center.

Cecile Adams (A life coach from Savannah Georgia who clarified her life purpose in the Living the Fulfilled Life Foundational Program conducted as a teleclass)


“I am just so delighted with everything you, this course, and the Life on Purpose Institute has given/provided to me.  Thank you, SO very, very much.

I was especially excited when you spoke about the Purposeful Project.  Wow, what a great idea!  How to get people out in the world being their true, serviceful selves.  I say serviceful because I have an inkling that even if someone doesn’t consider their life purpose to be one of service, or see that as a value of theirs, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be of service to the world if they are living their purpose out loud.” Peggy Vervalin who clarified her life purpose in Living the Fulfilled Life teleclass.

Suzanne Wade of Seaford Delaware (Her husband recommended Living the Fulfilled Life teleclass to Suzanne after working with Brad Swift as his personal coach.)

I have finished working through your book. It has been a very enjoyable and revealing process.

My life on purpose is a life of freedom rooted in wholeness, beauty, truth, order and love.

A life of worship, inspired action and full self-expression.

Immediately I got my final wording sorted it ‘clicked’ it fits like a glove. I have such clarity, it has been great for examining my behaviors and how I relate to others, and for helping me to make quality decisions. I had so many synchronicities in the following days after clarifying my life purpose and continue to do so. A sure sign that I am on my path and that is very fulfilling, even without taking into account my planned purpose projects.

My self-esteem has received a huge boost. I am delighted that I committed and persevered. And one of the lessons God has been bringing to my attention is that ‘commitment and perseverance bring their own reward, a reward that can come no other way’. Which will stand me in good stead as I live out this purpose.

I look at my life purpose and it is truly the essence of me, and the essence of the possibilities I see for others and the world we live in.”
Jayne from the United Kingdom


JudeeastmanI’m Jude Eastman in Virginia.  I’m a reading specialist and teacher. 

My original Life on Purpose work in 2006-2007 helped me figure out who I was and wanted to BE after losing my parents and my marriage.  I am happy to say that I realized I am  the only one who has the power to decide my place in the world or my worth and I’m pretty dog gone priceless!  After that I soared -completing a master degree, taking a new job position in my teaching career, and completing coach training.

Recently I was ready to push forward in my second profession as a coach.  The Staying on Purpose group helped me accomplish what I’ve been talking about for three years!  I now have my first coaching workshop on the books, conducted a conference call, picked up some new technology skills.  I found out that doing new things doesn’t have to be stressful, but can be fun and I’m in control of that!

Thanks Brad for keeping me motivated and accountable  in such a heart felt way that was both challenging and safe at the same time!