Who Can Life On Purpose Really Help?

Although the individual circumstances we go through may change, the struggles people face are often quite similar. See if any of these sound familiar to you:

• Finding yourself overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of an overly full life — You’re doing more and more and enjoying it less and less. Your day is filled with things that others expect you to — running errands for your family, taking the kids to an endless array of activities, keeping the house and yard in some semblance of order, keeping the bills paid down while your credit card balance keeps climbing. The load of obligations fell heavier and heavier.

• Or your life is on automatic — you’re just going through the motions as you’re buffeted by the currents of circumstances — first one problem than another. Maybe you’ll become known as a “creative problem solver” but you find life increasingly less satisfying and fulfilling no matter how many problems you solve.

• Or you’re in a job or career that’s stifling your soul and spirit. You know the only reason you go to work is for the paycheck, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to look yourself in the mirror because you know you’ve sold your soul out to your employer.

• Or you find yourself doing one or more of the following to avoid confronting what’s really going on in your life: Perhaps you’re a “shopaholic”. Whenever something isn’t going right (which is often), you find yourself at the mall buying something you don’t really need or even want. If it’s not shopping, it may be abusing alcohol, watching excessive amounts of TV, surfing for hours on the internet without any clear purpose in mind, or over-indulging in video games.

• Or the relationship you’re in isn’t going anywhere, or you’ve given up on ever having a warm and intimate relationship with another human being. After all, they’re too hard and take too much work for the small return on the time and energy invested.

Our Clients Come from Many Walks of Life

No matter which of these scenarios resonated with you, I believe we can be of service.

Life On Purpose clients come from many different walks of life, including :

  • housewives and homemakers,
  • professional men and women,
  • small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • corporate managers and executives, and
  • people either in retirement or rapidly approaching it.
  • young men and women either entering or exiting college.

But, of course, the question is: “Will our approach work for you?” It will if you have these qualities:

  • A desire to be helped and to move beyond your present set of circumstances.
  • If you are open to being coached
  • Are willing to invest the time and energy necessary to help yourself.
  • You know in your heart that there’s more to life than you’re presently experiencing and you’re ready to tap into that higher level of joy and satisfaction.
  • You are interested in living a more spiritually centered life.

You may also be wondering how this all works. See for yourself — Check out How It Works.