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Joyce Gayles, PhD

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Web site: www.Transformationworks.comJoyce is on temporary hiatus from accepting additional clients at this time.

Do you sense that you are here for a purpose, but can’t quite grasp what that purpose is?

Are you in the midst of a significant personal or professional transition, such as:

  • a career change,
  • retirement,
  • relationship beginning or ending,
  • entering mid-life and wondering what’s next?

Are you tired of setting goals that don’t seem to get you anywhere?

Do you want to be centered and focused in the midst of a stressed-out world?

If you have been pondering what’s next in your life, trying to clarify what’s important to you, or achieve your deepest dreams and goals, then I’d like to offer you an opportunity to work with me as your Life on Purpose Coach.  As your coach, I work with you to reach your full potential by first uncovering the core beliefs and attitudes that are inhibiting and limiting your success and happiness.

Then, together, we move along the path of discovering your true Life Purpose so that your life becomes a fuller expression of who you are and what you’re about in the world.  In the process, you will learn to align your thoughts and actions with your purpose, have clarity about what you really want, experience a deeper sense of yourself, and begin to live a life of greater ease and fulfillment.

I am particularly passionate about working with men and women who are in the midst of life transitions, whether your transition is developmental, chosen, or circumstantial.  My areas of expertise and passion are:

Goal Setting and Manifesting your Goals

Using a variety of tried and tested goal-setting methods, I teach you how to reach the core of what you want in your life.   Whether your desires are to have better health or more money, increase your confidence, get into graduate school, choose the right career path, grow your business, or attract the right relationship; I work with you to set your goals and actually manifest what you are intending.

Mid-life Transition

As a specialist in mid-life transition, I’ve worked for over 25 years with adults going through this stage of life.  I believe that mid-life is perhaps the most powerful time in life, and one of the most misunderstood.  I’m a seasoned coach with the knowledge, expertise, and tools to guide you to utilize the energy of this time and move through it to become a wiser, more purposeful, more fulfilled “you.”

3rd  Age or Retirement

For those who are entering 3rd age and contemplating what’s next, I work with you to create a vital and satisfying 3rd age.  Following a step-by-step process, that I’ve developed as the Create Your Best Retirement© 2010 program, we do something your financial advisor and your accountant, can’t do.  We get you mentally and emotionally prepared for entering 3rd  age with a renewed sense of identity and purpose, tools for revitalizing your relationships, and a roadmap for optimal health and well-being in 3rd age.

About Dr. Joyce Gayles (Dr. G):

Joyce Gayles, PhD is a clinical psychologist and a success coach with a passion for helping people discover their true Life Purpose.  In 2005, I experienced the Life on Purpose process and discovered my Life Purpose. Since 2006, I have coached many people through the process individually and in groups.

I specialize in helping people to grow and transform their lives.  A part of my life purpose is “to be an expert who guides people in the art and skills of living a transformed life.”  I am committed to meeting you where you are and helping you reach your highest potential.