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Self-Test for Individuals

Before you start, here are a few points to keep in mind and to consider.

Most people have misidentified what a life purpose is, and therefore misidentify their true life purpose.

I realize this is a bold and provocative statement and here’s why I’m saying it: In asking thousands of people, “what do you consider a life purpose to be?” we found a common theme among most of the replies. This “cultural perspective” is: A life purpose is what I’m here to DO while I’m alive.

From this perspective many people then go to find purpose & meaning either in some job, career, profession or in a primary role like parenting, being a good spouse, good son or daughter, etc.

So as you prepare to take the Self Test, I invite you to consider another perspective – the Life On Purpose Perspective: A life purpose is the context vessel or container into which you pour your life.

When you shift your thinking to this perspective two additional points are revealed:

  • Your life purpose is really the “overarching meaning of your life” that can shape you and all that you do. In other words, your life purpose can then be expressed in all areas of your life, not just a few areas like a job or primary role.
  • Your life purpose is more about a way of being you bring to life, than what you do.