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The “No Committed Soul Left Out” Policy

The short and sweet of the new policy:

“Anyone who truly feels called to our work (programs and coaching services), and feel that we can be of service to them in living a more purposeful and meaningful life, will not be denied those services due to monetary or financial constraints. We will make every effort to find a way that will allow them to participate in our work while continuing to be financially responsible as an enterprise.”

It All Started with a Vision to Create a World On Purpose

Said another way, money or financial issues will no longer be an obstacle to people who are truly called to our work from benefiting from it.

Take for example, one of our teleclasses, like Living the Fulfilled Life that may have 12-18 slots for participants. Each of our classes have a set tuition — what we feel in our heart the program is a fair and equitable ‘energy exchange.’

And yet, given our new policy, as long as there are slots available, we’re committed to filling those slots with people who are guided to this program, whether or not they can pay the full tuition.

Together with the client, we will sort out what financial arrangement is consistent with our being a vision-directed, fiscally responsible spiritually based enterprise.

We also realize that in any economic climate there are people who are ‘flush’ with money and those who are ‘tapped out’ and many in between. To help balance these temporary imbalances, there’s the Life On Purpose Scholarship Fund that will allow people who feel guided to contribute to helping others live on purpose to do so.

So for example, let’s say Alice really wants to do the upcoming Living the Fulfilled Life program and she can take care of 50% of the tuition without causing a hardship for herself or her family, then if there’s money in the scholarship fund, we’ll pull the other half of her tuition from the fund. If there’s no money in the fund, then we’ll absorb the difference.

Now, will some people try to take advantage of this new policy? Perhaps, we’ll see. This is an experiment, as is Life On Purpose Institute and our lives. But I don’t foresee this happening. For one thing, there  are certain conditions of satisfaction to be in our programs, or use our coaching services that I believe will wean out those who are insincere.

These conditions include agreeing to:

  • be a A++ client and/or program participant, which includes committing to get as much value from the program as possible.
  • attend all the sessions and complete all the homework thoroughly.
  • be in the program not only for your own benefit but also with a commitment to support and contribute to the other participants. If in a coaching relationship, you agree that your being in coached will be a contribution to those around you.
  • ‘pay-it-forward’ in the future. Whatever benefit you receive from your participating in the Life On Purpose work, you will one day pay-it-forward by contributing and making a difference with one or more people in whatever form you feel is in integrity for you.

To apply for financial assistance contact us here. Please add “Financial Assistance Request” in the subject line. We’ll send you back a simple form to complete that will help us determine a win-win scenario.

If you have questions that need answering before applying you can contact Ann at 828 697-9239. We look forward to hearing from you.

Life On Purpose Scholarship Fund

Is it better to give than receive? Well, is it more important to breath out than to breath in? Of course, both are equally important.

And so, the purpose of the Life On Purpose Scholarship Fund is to facilitate the giving and receiving / the breathing in and breathing out process.

So if you feel called to help others to bring a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to their life by assisting them to clarify their life purpose, please give…from your heart.

We promise to do our best to direct these funds to those who can most benefit from them. If you prefer arranging another method call Ann at 828 697-0057. We’re here to serve.