We’re all familiar with the importance of our computers having a

dependable operating system, if for no other reason than we may have

experienced the contrast of NOT having one.  Operating systems are

foundational to building a strong practice and life on purpose.  While

this article is about building such a system in your practice, don’t

forget that it’s also vitally important to take the time and invest the

energy into building and maintaining a similar personal foundation.

Here’s a skeletal framework that can be used for building a dependable

operating system that will help assure your practice stays on purpose.


Purpose principles are standards or guidelines you intend to adhere to

that will maintain the practice staying true to its vision and your

personal life purpose.

For example, one of Life On Purpose Institute, Inc.’s (LOPI) Purpose Principles is:

We add value to people’s lives for the pure joy of it.

For me this practice is consistent with our vision of a World On Purpose

as well as an expression of a "life of mindful abundance balanced with

simplicity" portion of my life purpose statement.

Here are a couple more:

* The people who work and play at Life On Purpose Institute are crystal

clear that their involvement is a full expression of their own life

purpose and that as the vision of LOPI is realized, their life purpose is

also being realized.

* At LOPI, people not only work in their jobs and their accountabilities,

they also work on them, continuing to improve, innovate and implement.

* At LOPI we realize that anything and everything can be resolved through

communication and we’d rather ere on the side of over-communicating than



Purpose Practices are ways of implementing and operating consistently

with the Purpose Principles. Here are a few examples:

* We’ve started providing each teleclass a complete set of notes

and with a follow up ‘purposeful present’ for those who attend. These

practices are consistent with adding value to people’s lives for the pure

joy of it.

* Everyone who joins the Life On Purpose Team goes through the Life On

Purpose Process to clarify their true life purpose and learn the tools

for living true to it.  This practice is consistent with the principle

that all people at our enterprise be crystal clear about our life


* And consistent with our commitment to both work in our business and on

our business, I’ve set aside two half days to work on the business which

includes a weekly Team-LOPI phone meeting for that purpose.


In one sense a business is what I refer to as a "


" Purpose Project in

that they are usually an amalgam of several smaller Purpose Projects. 

The key point to remember is that for a project to be a Purpose Project

it needs to be consistent with and an expression of the vision of the

business (which, since the vision arises from the owner’s life purpose,

the projects of the business will be consistent with that as well.)

Again, as an example, Life On Purpose Institute, Inc. is a Meta Purpose

Project of my life purpose, and the business is made up of several other

Purpose Projects such as:

* Speaking On Purpose Project – This includes our teleclasses, live

presentations, and soon will include offering our services to radio talk

shows, and also developing speaking opportunities to the Spanish speaking

world. (See personal reflection on more about this).

* Practice On Purpose – our subsidiary is its own Purpose Project and

personal coaching practice where I work with burned out boomer

professional and business owners.

* Visionary Writers On Purpose Team – Our growing team of writers

committed that the Power of Words can shape our world and create a World

On Purpose.

The list goes on and on, but I won’t.  I think you get the point.


These are the physical structures that you may need to maintain your

principles, practices and projects and could include:

* Weekly team meetings

* Displays of your principles and practices

* Notebook where you keep your list of Purpose Projects, etc.

Building such an operating system in your business and in your personal

life takes time, which is why it’s important to carve out ‘working-on-

your-business (and on your life)’ time for such activities.  In the

process of forging such a system you are bringing a level of integrity to

your business and life that will serve you well in the long run.