You’ve probably arrived on this page because you recently purchased my book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life. Thank you for doing so.  In the process you’ve taken the first steps along the Purposeful Path to your life on purpose, and I want to do what I can to encourage you to continue on that journey.

That’s why Ann and I created this additional free coaching video series just for you.

You see, after decades of coaching many people, Ann and I have realized that one of the fundamental qualities of human beings is that we all want our lives to matter. We all want to contribute and make a difference while we’re alive. We want you to know that your life does matter…already, right now. You don’t need to do one other thing. Just by the nature of your being alive, your life matters.

And perhaps, like many of our clients, you want to make an even larger impact. Good for you. It is our hope and intention that this video series will assist you in that endeavor. By participating in this online video series, you will also receive a free subscription to Purposeful Pondering Ezine, designed to inspire you to live a more purposeful and passion-filled life. It’s one more way we’d like to encourage and inspire you to stay on the Path.

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