Friday Night Lights – Something for Everyone

TELEVISION ON PURPOSE – Friday Night Lights – Something for

I confess. I enjoy watching television when I can find something good on,
which with the ‘reality TV’ virus continuing to infect the networks, it’s
becoming harder to find entertaining TV, which is also inspirational, and
with some socially redeeming value.

At least that’s what I thought until I happened to check in on ‘Friday Night
Lights’ on NBC Tuesdays at 8 pm. I admit to being attracted to it initially
because it’s about football and one of the main characters is the football
coach of a Texas town who expects nothing less than going to the state
championship every year.

I thought, perhaps, I’d learn some ‘coaching tips’ that I could apply to my
own coaching practice. And I have, and much more. I’ve learned or had it
re-enforced how valuable it is to have a good woman who believes in you
standing for your greatness. (Thank you Ann). I’ve learned that having
great expectations is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways.

I’ve learned a lot and I’ve also been entertained.

I’m writing this in part because I’ve read on the internet that the show’s
ratings are down, and while the network continues to believe in it, I know
how quickly good shows can disappear. Anyone remember Joan of

So, if you want to watch a family show with real heart, that weaves in a
spiritual theme among small town living, and that really isn’t about
football, but about life, check out last week’s episode at:

And check this newspaper article out for more about why this show
deserves to be watched:

I’ll be watching it again this week.