From 16 MPG to Over 40 MPG in an Unexpected Way

Remember my experiment on running my cars on water. You know the one that got stymied when the van’s transmission started acting up and my Mercedes odometer quit?

Well, I’m happy to report that at least one of our vehicles is now getting over 40 miles per gallon — the ‘new’ 2001 Prius we bought this week. That’s right. After the double breakdown, we started looking at what the Universe was trying to tell us. The message that came through was “Go for what you really want and that’s true to your values.”

And we both really wanted a hybrid, and a Prius was our first choice, except the only ones we could find were outside our desired price range — we thought.

Here’s how it happened. We’ve been teaching Amber the importance of trusting her inner guidance, going for what she truly desires, and living a ‘bold life of joyful self expression, happiness and love’ — her life purpose that she clarified when she was ten and recently updated to include ‘bold.’

So, when she kept seeing other Prius’ around time, she finally decided to ask one of the owners where he’d found his, so she did just that at our local Post Office — a hot spot meeting place here in Flat Rock.

He replied, “IWANNA,” a local paper that advertises all sorts of things people are selling. So, Ann followed the guidance and went online and found a Prius for sale about 10-15 miles from us and for a much lower price than any of the others we’d seen. The long and short of it was that it had been wrecked a few years ago, declared ‘totaled’ by the insurance company, but the new owner, Alex, had purchased it and rebuilt it.

Sounded a bit ominous to us at first but we decided, let’s explore a little further, so we went to take a look, and were amazed how clean and in top running shape it was. Alex went throughout the car, showing us what he’d replaced and what was original, and the more we learned about it, the more we felt guided to trust ourselves and Alex.

We went home and did our homeworkk — got a CarFax report on the vehicle, talked to a few more people, talked to Alex a couple more times… and then we bought it. And though it’s been less than a week, we’re very pleased with our purchase and love getting 41.9 mpg with our first tank full.

Now, you may be asking — what about the Water4Gas experiment? I’m not sure. I’m not inclined to try putting an electrolyser on the Prius — not from what I’ve read about that on the Water4Gas forum. We still have to make a decision about the Mercedes and the Van. One we’ll probably keep (the van has the inside track right now) and one will go. If we can get a good price on fixing the transmission, we’ll keep the van and install an electrolyser on it. So, I haven’t given up yet on the idea. It’s still on the back burner simmering.