From Employee to Business Owner – A Youthful Example

It’s time to bring you up to date on my daughter’s life on purpose and in the process hopefully inspire you and your family along your own purposeful path.

Amber turned 15 in March and not long after that got her first part time job just a block or two from where we live. It’s been interesting watching her evolution with the job. The first couple of weeks she was on cloud nine. Suddenly she had her own money coming in, well above the allowance that she’d been receiving.

Of course, it came in easily and went out easily. A good portion of it went to clothes she ‘needed’ for the job. Sound familiar? But after a few weeks boredom started to set in. Her job at the design studio is to update the prices in the fabric sample books, which she finds tedious and repetitious. But then the money is good, right, so what do you do. For Amber, it’s mostly been go to work and make the most of it, like so much of the rest of the world. She has found some recourse by making friends with her fellow employees.

So, during our morning breakfast time we began to explore what kind of business could Amber create for herself. Then the massive pet food recall hit. Ann had a friend who’s shared with her about some highly nutritious pet food earlier. After all, we’re all animal lovers with 3 dogs and 3 cats of our own.

When we learned how many different brands of foods were basically made by the same company and what they were putting in the food, we realized that we were basically feeding our pets ‘junk food.’

Amber seems to have gotten a double doze of love for animals from her two parents. Her passion for animals ranks right up there with her love of singing and acting. In fact, her dream is to become a dolphin trainer at Sea World. When she saw The Blue Horizon Dolphin Show a couple years ago, she turned to me, pointing to the young lady playing the lead. “That’s what I want to do, Dad,” she said with her eyes glistening with excitement. Of course, my heart melted into a puddle.


So, Ann and Amber have started their own business. (With my background as a small animal vet for over 15 years, I’m the ‘technical consultant. ) Guess what the name is. Healthy Pets On Purpose, of course! (Ok, I had a little input on the name.) Of course, before they started the company we tried our pets on the food for several weeks. After all, it’s like we have our own research facility. And we’ve been very pleased with the results, but I’ll let Ann and Amber share about those at a future time.

Our dentist became Amber’s first customer the other day. She was thrilled to know that she’s now making a difference with people and animals, and making money as well. And to me that’s what living and working on purpose is all about. Oh, and before I forget and get in trouble big time with my family, check out the web site at Who knows, you might find it’s time to switch from ‘pet junk food’ to a more balanced and nutritious diet.