From One Blogging Bozo to Another

I recently read a blog entry from my business coach, Mark Silver about how he hadn’t really been treating his blog as a part of his business. (His entry was entitled – “I’m a bit of a blogging bozo). And his comments went ‘Ping’ with me. It really struck a chord. Truth be told, I consider Life On Purpose Institute more than just my business, though of course it is that. As a new friend recently said when I shared with him about Life On Purpose, “Your business is really your ministry, isn’t it.”

Yes, and ministry or business or both… I’ve not been holding this blog as part of it. So, I plan to change that. I realize that the internet is a powerful tool for sharing a message and a vision and I believe that Life On Purpose has an important, powerful and purposeful message and vision — the vision — to be a part of creating a world on purpose. Our message is all the ways we can go about first clarifying our life purpose and then the many different ways we can bring a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to our everyday life in simple and practical ways.

So, blogosphere, which is really made up of people some of whom may be looking for ways to enhance their life through purpose, stay tuned. I don’t promise that my comments here will be completely polished or fully crystallized, though I will do my best to continue to develop my expertise in those areas. I will be taking my coach’s coaching and not hold back or try to be safe. Just real and regular…at least more regular.

How about you? Does any of this make sense? Does any of this resonate with you? Do you happen to have a blog that’s not really been fully used in your business or in expressing your life purpose?