Further Info on Project Pet Placement

As you may notice if you’ve been following this blog, I’ve renamed my new purpose project since I realized it’s about more than pups or dogs. It has already included ducks, chicken, geese and most recently cats. Since my last posting here’s what has happened:

I’ve connected with Animal Compassion Network, the largest no-kill, non-profit animal rescue organization located in Western North Carolina. I learned that they had 40 dogs and 10 cats arriving this week from the Guld Coast. They are in the process of caring for them and sending them out to their network of foster families. While I was not able to arrange my schedule to participate in this process, I was able to refer a number of people from Unity to them.

This came from my being given the opportunity by our minister, Chad O’shea, to share about my trip to Gonzales, LA with the congregation. After each talk, there was an outpouring of love and several people offered their assistance.

I also received an acceptance from my query to Veterinary Economics to write a personal experience piece for them that will appear in their December issue. The articles is about 75% written at this point.

I’ve also sent a query to Dog World Magazine which I used to write frequently for and to Animal Fair Magazine who I’ve not yet written for.

I’m also working on a different article idea that entitled Pets & Prisoners. What happens when you mix 150 pets displaced by Hurricane Katrina with a bunch of ‘hardened’ prison inmates? A new slant on pet therapy.

Amber and Ann are my full partners in this. Amber will be calling a few of the Unity people who aren’t on email and giving them update. Oh, and Amber and I visited the veterinary clinics and grooming parlor that donated the supplies to thank them and to give them an update. That’s it for now.