Grounded in Gratitude Part 2

*** Observe the Energy/Emotion Accompanying Your Thoughts ***

Consider that our emotional states have attractive properties of differing degrees. Gratitude, being closely akin to Universal Love, has a strong attractive property, so the more grateful we are the more effective we become in attracting what we truly desire into our lives. So, don’t just think grateful thoughts, feel the emotion of gratitude, appreciation and love to supercharge your ability to attract what you want into your life.

Again, this may take some practice since complaining about what we don’t like about our life is such a common practice in our life that many of our relationships are built upon it. For example, several years ago my wife, Ann, had a “good friend” who she would meet with for lunch on a regular basis. As Ann continued along her own spiritual and personal development path, she began to realize these regular lunch meetings were really just an opportunity for the two of them to complain about their lives, especially about how the men in their lives mistreated them.

Since Ann was committed to move beyond complaining and to consciously take responsibility for creating her life, it wasn’t long before she realized that she and her friend had little in common, so she lovingly let go of the relationship, thus opening the way for new, more empowering and life enhancing relationships to fill the void.

Other powerful and positive emotions that can supercharge your ability to attract abundance in your life and that are closely akin to gratitude include passion, enthusiasm, playfulness and joy. Infuse each and every day with healthy servings of these emotions and you will find an increasing amount of things to add to your gratitude list.