Have you Met Dave Navarro- the Launch Coach? #tlc2010

If not and if you're in an online based business to make a difference while making a profit, you should me Dave Navarro — the Launch Coach.  I have…well kinda.  I feel like I have in reading in ezine over the past few weeks and meeting some of the success stories he's been interviewing.  And also from reading his fr.ee reports that are part of the Launch Coach Library.  Good stuff.  I'm currently reading and studying two:

It's one of the things I love about the internet — the generosity of spirit of so many people who, like Dave, are online to make a difference in the world while making a profit.

So, have you met Dave Navarro online — maybe through Twitter or from a blog (like this one) or maybe his own blog?  If not, why not schedule an appointment to do so. Just write down in your day planner a 30 minute segment that works for you. Then on that appointed time, don't pick up the phone to call him (unless you're really bold). No, just slip on over to the Launch Coach Library where you'll find a number of free reports.  Download the ones that speak to you and in no time you'll have had the same experience I've had of meeting Dave, and in the process learn some good advice on how to make a greater difference while making a greater profit. 

Can't beat that, can you?  Live your life on purpose, with passion and play today.