How to Design Your Encore Performance

Have you bought into the ‘Golden Years Fantasy’ that says that once you reach sixty or sixty-five, you’re supposed to retire to some Sun City type retirement community where you and all the other ‘has beens’ spend countless hours playing tennis, golf or shuffleboard, only to die quietly in your sleep a few years later?

Well, that’s simply not the reality of today. For one thing, more and more people are living healthy, vibrant lives into their seventies, eighties, nineties, and beyond.  That means if you’re approaching the typical retirement age, you likely still have twenty, thirty, or more years left.

Besides, let’s face it, how much tennis, golf or shuffleboard can you really play? I mean, I’m not a big fan of any of these sports (well, maybe tennis), but I have become a big fan of senior league softball. But even so, once or twice a week is plenty. So, what are we to do with all those other hours?

How about designing an Encore Performance for your own life? But where and how to start?

Start with a No-Obligation Coaching Consultation

Over the past 25-plus years of coaching, I’ve learned that one thing that makes life coaching so powerful in a person’s life is making sure there’s a good match between the coach and the client. With a good match, magic and miracles are possible — without it…well, not so much. That’s why I have set aside some days and times for these initial, no-obligation coaching consultations where you can start to answer some important questions about how to design your Encore Performance life.

There are two purposes and intentions for these sessions:

  • To add value to your life for the pure joy of it, and
  • To determine if we’re a good match — is Life On Purpose Coaching what will serve you, and am I the best coach to help you design your life on purpose.

By the way, these fifty to sixty-minute sessions are conducted either by phone, Skype, or Google Hangout.

Ready to Book an Initial Consultation?