How to Live On Purpose

I’ve been preparing a series of articles about living a life on purpose that will highlight certain aspects of the work I’ll be doing with a select group of purposeful people starting this fall in the Life On Purpose Mentoring Program (the launching of this program will be announced soon.)

In today’s article we’ll start with one of the basic foundational principles that make up the Life On Purpose Perspective by responding to a question from one of our ezine readers.

Gerry writes:

I have just been reading the latest ezine and I am sure I need help trying to clarify some of the points listed in the ezine.

I am all for living a life on purpose once I have explored the big question of why we are here. And I know people make up their own minds what their life on purpose should be. But how do you deeply know that your path is the correct path and has been correctly set?

Simple purposeful play sounds sounds great but if everyone is going in different directions it can be difficult when people who do not have a life of purpose attitude try to cause trouble for those of us who would like to just live a simple purposeful life.

Your ezines always appear to be very positive and is always a great thing.

My Reply:

Thanks again for your message.  Let’s see if I can be of assistance along your own Purposeful Path.  The Life On Purpose Perspective suggests that a person’s life purpose is an overarching meaning for their life — that which you as a soul/spiritual being came here to earth to be and to experience. Said another way:

Your life purpose is a way of being that you bring to the world and to all that you do.  In fact, what you do becomes the way in which you express who you are — i.e. your life purpose.

Now, about those ‘other people’ who aren’t living on purpose.  I suggest that we are all here to live on purpose and some of us are more awake and aware to this than others.  I look to my garden for a metaphor.  I notice that some of the tomatoes on the vine are small and green, others larger and still green and still others starting to turn red. The red tomatoes are no more a tomato than a green one, just further along in the process of being a tomato.

The same is true for people along the process of living on purpose.  Our job, us ‘redder tomatoes’ is to give room to others — grant them being at whatever stage of development they are.  It’s the universal law of allowing, or said another way, accepting people as they are, while at the same time knowing who we are, and not holding our light under a bushel basket.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve continued to live my own life purpose I attract to me all the resources necessary to continue that process, and that includes other purposeful people. Since I’ve taken on the mission to assist others in clarifying their life purpose, I also attract ‘green tomatoes in the process of turning red.’  No one can really stop another person from living true to their life purpose since from the Life On Purpose Perspective a life purpose is a way of being.  It is not my view that people are going ‘in different directions.’  We are all going in similar directions. We are just at different stages of development and going at our own rate, and then expressing where we are in the process of living on purpose in our own unique ways.

Thanks.  Your allowing me to offer this to you has given me the opportunity to explore this further for myself and thus become clearer as well.

Coming Soon! Life On Purpose Mentoring Program

Lend me your life for a year. I’ll give you back a life on purpose

People find their way to Life On Purpose Institute for many different reasons.Flawless Monarch Butterfly Flying on Isolated White

  • Perhaps you long for a deeper spiritual connection — a deeper and fuller appreciation of all that life has to offer.
  • Maybe you feel you’re drifting through life –  just going through the motions, meanwhile, there’s this nagging voice from within saying, “There must be more to life than this.”  To which you answer back, “So how do I tap into that more meaningful life?”
  • It could be that you find yourself at a crossroads in your life and not sure which direction to turn. If so, you may feel stuck, confused or unsure how to move forward.
  • Or it could be you feel overwhelmed and stressed out right now. You find yourself in the “doing more and more while enjoying it less and less” vicious cycle.

The one element that I find most consistent no matter what led to our connecting is that just about everyone wants their life to matter.  It almost feels like it’s built into our DNA this drive to not only clarify our life purpose but to then take on the joyful challenge of living true to it.

Over the past 17 years of both running Life On Purpose, coaching people on life purpose and endeavoring to live true to my own purpose, I’ve realized it takes courage, persistence, practice and support to stay on the Purposeful Path.

That’s why soon I’ll be launching our boldest, most audacious and powerful program to date — the Life On Purpose Mentoring Program that will start later this fall.

In the meantime, ponder upon this question:

Would you be willing to ‘lend’ me your life for a year if you knew you’d receive back a life on purpose?

Stay tuned.