How to Tame Your Money Worries

Images-1 On a timely topic related to one of my 'collaborative adventures' I love, did you happen to catch Mark Silver's "3 am Money Worry" teleclass this past week?  If not, not to worry.  It's available online.  I attended and I plan to listen to the recording as well.  A lot of good, in depth information on how to gain a bit (maybe even a lot) of freedom around money and finance.  

How to Tame Your Money Worries

Have your business and/or personal finances been stuck in the same place for what seems like forever?  If you answered yes, then I'd love to let you know about a free teleclass that Mark Silver, founder of Heart of Business (and my personal and business coach), gave this past Wednesday on how to stop treading water and start making progress on getting your money situation where you want it to be.

Mark's Heart of Business work is so aligned with the Life On Purpose Perspective, which is one of the reasons I hired him to be LOPI's coach and one of the reason I'm sharing his work with you.
Mark's approach isn't the same old take on finances—you won't hear any trite advice on "working harder" or "getting systems in place."  Instead Mark's going to talk to you about something more important:  Your personal relationship with (and mindset towards) money, and yes, there's a definite spiritual component to his work including his 'take' on money and finance.
The no-cost teleclass is called "The "3 a.m. Money Worry Attack" (we can all relate) and will teach you how to stop stressing about money and begin developing a "right relationship" with your finances.

It's now available online as a recorded teleclass that you can access here.

And as a great supplement to the teleclass (or even as a standalone) I strongly recommend his report, Backwards: Why Common Abundance Manifestation Approaches Are Sabotaging Your Success. It will definitely evoke some thinking. It sure has for me.

You'll also learn about Mark's upcoming Heart of Money Transformational Journey Program that opened for registration on Friday.  It's an 8-week teleseries that begins the first week in June. Well taking a look at if you ever find yourself having trouble sleeping because you're so worried about money.