Identify Your Perfect Clients & Develop an Attraction Marketing System

Your Vision of Your Perfect Clients

Picture in your mind your 3 perfect clients. You may think of them as
your A+ clients.

Your Perfect Client Prototype – Qualities & Attributes

The Be – Do – Have Approach

BE: Your perfect clients attitudes, beliefs, & values


DO: How your perfect clients’ behave. What do they do and what do they
not do.


HAVE: What do your perfect clients have and what don’t they have that
makes them a perfect client.


What Makes Your Perfect Clients Tick?

“The key to creating far more satisfying and synchronistic
relationships is to say what usually goes unsaid in the context of
business, to share the motivations and missions that drive us and our
customers (clients) to get out of bed each morning and face another
day. When we know what motivates our perfect customers – what is most
important to them in their lives – we will be in a much better position
to assist them to achieve their goals.” Attracting Perfect Customers:
The Power of Strategic Synchronicity by Stacey Hall & Jan Brogniez

Interviewing questions for getting to what makes your perfect client

1. Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

2. Who is the most important person to you in the world?

3. What is most important to you in the world?

4. What do you want to achieve before you leave this world?

5. What do you really love about your life?

Attraction Principle: Like attracts like. Based on this, you can lay
the foundation for a great relationship by asking the same questions of
yourself, since your perfect customers are generally motivated by the
same, missions, issues, values and challenges as you are.

What Do Your Perfect Clients Expect You to Deliver?

What are the qualities and attributes that make your practice a perfect
place for your perfect clients?

How do you know what your customers expect of you? You get to say.

How can this be? You are fulfilling your own unique purpose and
mission through your business. You are the only one who can create your
business in the way you do.

To be most attractive to your perfect clients, it’s paramount that you
be completely fulfilled through your work.

Thought Experiment:

Recall a time when you were serving a perfect client? What was it

Now, recall a time when you were serving a difficult client? What was
that like?

What was 1 key difference? Didn’t the perfect client appreciate the
way you do business and the difficult one would have preferred for you
to do business in some other way?

Key point: What do you want to provide and how?

I Choose for My Perfect Clients to Expect Me to….

Include: pricing, location, advertising methods, staff size, primary
services, secondary services,

Not what you think you should provide, or have to provide. Only what
you truly want to provide. What would be most satisfying and fulfilling
for you?

This is key to designing your practice on purpose and filling it with
your perfect clients.

Where Do You Have Room for Improvement?

Question: What do you have to improve to attract more perfect clients?

Answer: Only those items that your perfect client expects you to

More Challenging Question: What are you currently working to improve
that your perfect clients don’t expect or want you to improve?

This is the most fun and enjoyable part of the process. It’s an
opportunity to acknowledge your strengths and to identify where you can
‘turn on the power’ in order to be even more attractive to a larger

This step helps keep you on track and on purpose with your overall game
plan by allowing you to check to see if new ideas are aligned with and
consistent with what you say your perfect customers expect from you.


1. Look at your list, “I Choose for My Perfect Clients to Expect Me

2. For each item ask yourself, “Are we providing this service or
meeting this expectation completely right now?”

3. If yes, congratulations. Go on to the next item on the list. If no,
then circle that one.

4. Repeat for all the items on the list. As you ask this question,
check in with your perfect clients – the 3 you pictured at the start of
this process. Ask them what they say. (Often, we’re our own worst
critic, especially if we have a ‘perfectionist streak’ in us.)

5. Top of new page, write “What Do I Have to Improve to Attract More
Perfect Customers?” Write the circled items here.

6. Write down the date when you will BEGIN working on that item.

What’s Next?

You’ve just made a great start in designing your practice on purpose to
be even more attractive to your perfect clients.

Possible actions for moving forward:

1. Keep adding to your 4 lists.
2. Review your plan daily, even if it’s for just 5 minutes.
3. Share it with your staff and invite them to nominate items to add to
the list. (But you get to say what you actually add. It’s your plan.)