Inspired Out of Bed?

You know your life is on purpose when you’re inspired out of bed in the morning.

So, the question is — Are you inspired out of bed in the morning?  When I close my eyes and ponder this I envision Divine Spirit taking a deep inhalation that literally pulls the covers off me and pulls me out of bed. Of course, it doesn’t happen exactly like that but I still love the image.  How it does often happen is I lie in bed in those transition moments of moving from being sound asleep to slowly realizing I’m awake.

Now, truth be told, some mornings I start out just wanting to nuzzle further under the cover, especially if the room is cold, so I might. But as I lay there I begin to create my day by getting in touch with who I intend to be that day. I affirm: “I am a Divine spiritual being who is in this moment choosing to live a life of purposeful service, simplicity and spiritual serenity.”  I then consider how I might express my Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. Who will I be coaching that day, what article might I work on as an expression of my purpose, what serendipitous surprises does the Divine have waiting for me?

Before I know it, I simply can’t stay in bed any longer. There’s too many possibilities lying before me.  On the other hand:

You know your life is off purpose when the main thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is the need to go to the bathroom.

Was that too blunt?  I hope not. Perhaps, instead, what yanks you awake is the blaring of an alarm clock, followed closely by the worries of the night before. You lay in bed, dreading the idea of having to get up and go to work that’s neither inspiring or fun, but alas, it’s paying the bills.  You know that life should have more to offer but you just can’t seem to get out of the rut you’ve found yourself in.  Believe me, I also know how that can feel.  I found myself in that situation a couple decades ago when I burned out as a veterinarian even though it was something I had wanted to do since I was seven-years old.

Now I realize that I had misidentified my chosen profession to be my life purpose…as have many people.  This subtle but key distinction is just one of the purposeful pointers we’ll explore in depth during the upcoming On Purpose Programs that start in February.

Here’s the bottom line. It really is possible to be inspired out of bed in the morning, and it truly is so much more fun and fulfilling to live life this way — a life on purpose. The the past 15 years Ann and I have been privileged to assist many people, just like yourself, to really get clear about their purpose in life and to support them designing their life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose.

Won’t you give us the opportunity to serve you in this way?

Learn more about the Living the Fulfilled Life TeleSeries and the Living & Working On Purpose TeleRetreat that begin in February.  As you read over the page, listen to your heart.  You’ll know if this is the time for you to bring a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to your life.

And stay tuned for part two of this series coming in just a few days.