Is it Possible to Live Prosperously in Turbulent Times?

Aren't you loving these exciting times we're in? Does that sound strange to even say? Yes, these are, to say the least, interesting times (as in the old Jewish 'curse' – "May you live in interesting times.") but these can also be exhilarating times if we don't get too hung up in the drama of the moment… i.e. all the fear and lack based conversations of the media.

Now, I know, it's tough for a lot of people right now. People are losing their homes and their jobs right and left. Ann and I have a home we're renting to a young single dad trying his best to raise his 5-year old daughter. He is months behind in his rent and it's getting tough right now for him and us. But, I realized the other day that if the bank were to foreclose on the property, Ann and I would lose our investment house…but the young man and his daughter would lose their home. So, we sat down with him and started pulling together to find a way he could stay in the house, and so far, it's working.

So, yes, I realize times are turbulent and troubling for many. And yet, it's also a time we can all prosper as well…if, as our new President keeps saying, we all pull together.
This is also an opportune time for many people to shift their perspective on 'prosperity.' In my estimation even the dictionary has it wrong — "the condition of being successful or thriving ; especially : economic well-being." But what if prosperity is more of a state of mind and heart, more of a state of being than anything directly to do with 'economic well-being."
This is one of the points Ann and I will be exploring in the March 10th teleclass, Prosperous Living in Turbulent Times. (Register here.)

If you know people who are struggling, especially who are feeling frustrated, afraid, depressed or hopeless during these times, please let them know of this conversation. It's a free teleclass so people from all over the country and the world can join us.

Hope to meet many of you on Tuesday, March 10, starting at 6:30 pm eastern. In the meantime, 'be well and prosper.'