Is Your Work Soul Draining?

While our world economy appears to be recovering, many people are still out of work, or still involved in work that's too small for their soul and spirit.  And so, to facilitate the global recovery, perhaps it's time for each of us to bring some healing to our individual work and careers.
I recall one of my favorite clients from years ago who was struggling in his business, just barely making it from month to month. But doggedly it kept trying to make it work, but he was close to burnout after so many years of struggle.

So, he worked to become clearer about his true purpose, including what his core values were, and the vision he held for himself and his family. Not too surprising in the process he realized the work he was doing wasn't a match for either his value or his vision.

He had placed the cart before the horse. He'd tried to figure out what he was supposed to do with his life before he'd figured out who we was, and his reason for being alive.

Good News! It's Never too Late to Put the Horse Where it Belongs
Now may be the perfect time for you to look closely at your career choices, and in the process you too may find it's time to put the horse out in front of the cart — to figure out who you are and what you came here to this life to be, and then allow that to shape what you do, including in your career.

The even better news is that you may find that you don't need to make radical changes in your work to bring a significant improvement in your experience at work, but if you do, you'll then have a truing mechanism to help along the way — your true purpose.

I'm about 75% complete with the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach — a way for people from all around the world to bring this 'clarity of purpose' to their life…on their time frame…at their own pace….with me as their guide and coach.

Purposeful Resources & Sample Video Clips
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Or, if you want, go directly to check out the latest video clip sample here.

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