Isn’t It Time to “Rethink” Money?

I’m inviting you to join me for the Healthy Money Summit. It’s a free online event happening the week of January 24-27th featuring 24 pioneers and experts helping us create a healthier, happier, more productive relationship with money.

Check it out here.

Hosted by bestselling author Vicki Robin who co-wrote the bestselling Your Money or Your Life, you’ll also hear from luminaries such as Riane Eisler, John Robbins, Hazel Henderson, Lynne Twist, Alisa Gravitz, David Korten, Satish Kumar and many more.

The speakers in this series will reveal their latest insights and wisdom on how we can create a better financial future for us as individuals and as a collective whole. It’s all on the phone and you can participate in as many sessions as you like.

I’m excited to learn from these amazing leaders, and I hope you can join me. Isn’t it time to ‘re-think’ our views, perspectives and beliefs about money.  After all, when you look out into the world today, how healthy is our collective consciousness about money?  When you look within, how healthy is your own beliefs about money?  When I look, I’m not all that pleased with what I see out in the world or within myself.

Here’s some of the points that will be explored:

  • New ways of earning and spending that liberate your time and passion for your real life’s work
  • New investment strategies that favor the triple bottom line and sustainable business practices
  • New psychologies that favor generosity and sharing over hunkering down
  • New currencies that favor connection and community over hoarding and lack
  • New economies that favor Main Street over Wall Street, and prioritize community well-being as the new bottom line
  • And a new money spirit of “enough for all,” rather than “winner takes all”

So, please join me, won’t you.  Sign up here.  If you can’t make all the calls, they will be recorded as well.