Join Empowerment on Facebook

We now have a brand new Facebook Group for those using the Life On Purpose Process as your road map along the Purposeful Path.  It’s called Empowerment because that’s its primary purpose – to empower people to bring more clarity of purpose to each day of their life. Learn how to join this free and private group under our Resources On Purpose.

If you’ve read the book (or are reading it), using the Virtual Video Coach or one of our other programs, or working with or have worked with one of our Life On Purpose Coaches, this Facebook Group is for you for FREE.

Empowerment is where you will find like-minded and like-spirited people (including the coaches of our Coaches Collective) who will support you in living true to your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. Some of what you can expect will be shared here includes:

  • Your progress along the 6 Passages that make up the Purposeful Path as outlined in the Life On Purpose Process,
  • Your request for assistance, support and coaching as you travel the Purposeful Path.
  • Your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose statements and how you are choosing to express that purpose.
  • Your Purpose Projects including the progress you’re making with them any request for assistance in fulfilling them.

The steps to join this private Facebook Group are simple:

1. Request being my Facebook friend here:

2. Send me a Facebook message requesting that you want to be added to the private Facebook Empowerment group.

3. Once you’ve received notice that you’ve been added, introduce yourself with your first posting.