Join Us on a Transformational Journey to the Heart of Money

Ann and I spent part of our spiritual time this past week studying Mark Silver's "Backwards" report, and found it very engaging and thought evoking…and yes, freeing as well.

We committed in January that this was the year for us to gain real freedom and power around our relationship with money, finance and numbers, so Mark's Heart of Money material is perfectly timed for us to maintain the momentum and process of transformation that we've been experiencing.

So, we've decided to join Heart of Money Transformational Journey, and we're inviting you to join us on the journey as well.

Now, this isn't an invitation to take too lightly. Don't just jump on board the train because Ann and I have.  It's a significant commitment of time, energy and yes a bit of money as well. (though for what you get I believe the tuition for either versions to be quite reasonable).

More to the point, it's a big commitment to be willing to give up your old relationship to money.  I think we all know what a roller coaster ride transformation can be particularly about a subject with as much baggage as money and finance.

Mark's approach is really about examining your personal relationship with (and mindset towards) money, and yes, there's a definite spiritual component to his work. He's also provided some great resources to help you determine if this transformational journey is what's next for you or not, including:

** A no-cost teleclass – "The 3 a.m. Money Worry Attack" is available online as a recorded teleclass.

One of the primary teachings in the class is on how to stop stressing about money and begin developing a "right relationship" with your finances.

** Another great resource and supplement to the teleclass is the report Ann and I studied this past week, Backwards: Why Common Abundance Manifestation Approaches Are Sabotaging Your Success.

** And another great resource is the Heart of Money Transformational Journey Program web page which is very informative. By the way, the Early Bird pricing is significant and ends on May 20th — in less than a week. 

And because I believe in transparency in such matters, the above links are all affiliate links, which means if you do decide this is right for you, then Life On Purpose will receive some monetary compensation for sharing this info with you. 

We'd love to hear from you if you do decide to join us on this journey. Who knows, if we get enough people together who have been exposed to the Life On Purpose Perspective, we might form our own mastermind group after the 8 weeks of the Heart of Money classes are over.