Karen Mehringer – Sailing into Your Dreams – A Blog Interview

I recently had a fascinating conversation with author and life purpose
coach, Karen Mehringer, for the Living & Working On Purpose Radio
show that will air on Exceptional Wisdom Radio on Wednesday, Dec. 3rd
at 5 pm eastern.  I asked Karen to respond to a few other questions which she graciously said yes to. 

Here they are:

Please describe the work you do in your business. How is it in alignment with your life purpose? What are some of the ways you live true to your life purpose outside of work?

My primary life purpose is to experience joy and to share it with others. My business, Creative Transformations, was developed in 2004 as a medium for me to creatively and authentically express myself in the world while also assisting others to experience more purpose, passion and joy in their lives. I do this via my writing, speaking and psychotherapy/coaching work. As I witness my clients transform their lives, I experience great joy! Outside of work, I live my purpose by doing things that I love, that bring me joy like reading, hiking, skiing, sailing, dancing, spending time with friends and family, engaging in spiritual community. I also love spending time outdoors, connecting with nature and the Divine.

What have you found can get in the way when it comes to living and working on purpose?
The pressure to make money and pay bills can cause me to feel anxious at times which blocks the flow of joy and abundance in my life. Out of fear, I act compulsively and get busy “doing” and getting things done. When I am able to remain in trust and “be” still and silent, Spirit guides my actions. I then accomplish more with less effort and experience joy in the process.

What suggestions would you offer to someone who knew it was time to become clearer about their life purpose?

Set your intentions to receive guidance and assistance. It can come in many forms such as a conversation with a friend or stranger, picking up a book that resonates with you, symbols and messages in your nighttime dreams. Make it a practice to journal and meditate on a regular basis. The truth and wisdom you seek is already within you. If you feel stuck, then hire a coach or therapist like myself to assist you to move forward. Sometimes our limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, traumatic experiences and deepest fears can keep us immobilized. It takes great courage to heal and transform our lives, but the benefits of living a joy-filled, purposeful life is well worth it!

What helps you stay on purpose?

A daily spiritual practice assists me to connect to my center of abundant joy and stay on purpose. I start by doing about 20 minutes of yoga and then pray and meditate at my altar for about 10 minutes. I also write and meditate to check in with myself on a frequent basis. When I feel stuck or am in fear, using affirmations can help me move forward. I also engage in a gratitude practice such as writing down what I am grateful for every night before I go to bed…even the small things. Upon awakening, I say a prayer of gratitude for the new day while setting my intentions for how I desire my day to unfold. I then spend a few moments visualizing my day and how I desire to feel. If I’m short of time, I do this in the shower.

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