Launching Purposeful Politics Series

Okay, I’ve allowed my Inherited Purpose to keep me from addressing this topic long enough.  It’s been saying for some time:

“Who are you to think you can make any real difference in the political system of the United States? You haven’t even been keeping up with politics most of your life? What could you possibly add to the conversation? Besides, who’s going to listen to you?”

And on and on it’s goes.  Okay, thank you Ippy (my name for my Inherited Purpose) for sharing, but I can’t…won’t stay quiet any longer.  True, I’ve not been a “student of politics” for most of my life.  In fact, I’ve done a pretty good job of ignoring this aspect of American life most of my life. Oh, I’ve done my duty as a good citizen and voted in most of the major elections, often checking off names because the names themselves sounded good, or I’d heard them once before, or pretty much from a flip of a coin.

But lately, say in the last year or so, it’s become increasingly obvious to me that to continue to ignore the political arena of life will be at my own determent as well as that of my family and loved ones. My committed assessment of the situation is that too many of us have done just that for far too long, especially us ‘enlightened spiritual types’. I know, I place myself in that group. I’ve used all sort of excuses and explanations to avoid the subject, but not anymore.  At least, not for the next several weeks as I work on this new blog series on Purposeful Politics.

I’m being as public about this as I can in the hopes that at least a few others reading this will ‘hold my feet to the fire’ to finish this series as I look at the world of politics from the Life On Purpose Perspective, and it would be really great if some would join in with their comments, questions and observations as well, though I suspect that may be asking far too much…but I’m asking and inviting anyway.

Purposeful Politics – An Overview

Here’s how I envision this series will run, though I retain the right to allow it to go in other directions if my inner guidance, Iggy, so directs me. (yep, Ippy and Iggy – deal with it.)

Initially I’ll be following the Purposeful Path of the 6 Passages that make up the Life On Purpose Process that I’ve been coaching people through and endeavoring to live from myself over the past 16+ years.  The difference is that I’ll be looking at a specific aspect of our lives — politics.

So, I’ll start by looking at and creating a GAP, by first giving my assessment of what the current reality of our U.S. politics is, and then creating a visionary reality of what I envision would be possible.

Next, I’ll map on the Life On Purpose Perspective with our political system for a broad overview of what’s currently shaping our political reality.

We’ll also look at what the collective Inherited Purpose is that is shaping so much of our political arena, and how fear and lack-based thinking has ended us up in such a stuck point with such a massive divisiveness between our two political parties.

After that, I’ll endeavor (hopefully with input from some of you) to create a collective vision and purpose that we could live into and from going forth.

Last but far from least, I’ll take some of the 16 tools for living on purpose to see how they might be used by individuals as well as collectively to move us forward towards that collective vision and purpose.

Who’s with me on this? 

Anyone at least curious to engage in this online blog conversation?  This would be a great time to let me hear from you.  Ippy is screaming loud and strong for me to simply delete this blog post or place it into my draft folder and forget about it.  Instead, I’m going to quickly read over it and then hit the Publish button before I chicken out.