Lawyers as Peacemakers — Kim Wright Expressing Her Purpose

We've all heard how Facebook is helping us all to stay more connected, and there are those who say the whole internet is doing just the opposite.  Well, I'll let the 'social media gurus' battle that one out. What I'm finding is that is is a great way to reconnect with folks with whom we may have lost touch.

For example, one of my first client, Kim Wright, who recently wrote on the Life On Purpose Institute
N770848196_1466 Facebook page:

Brad was my first coach and when I created my life purpose in 1998, I went to work on it:  being a catalyst for peace. In 2000, I became involved in a movement of lawyers as peacemakers.  Many, many people laughed at the idea but I persevered. In 2009, I was  named one of the top 50 changemakers in the profession, a "Legal  Rebel" by the American Bar Association.  In April, 2010, the American Bar Association published my book, Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law.  It was a best seller from the first week it was out.  It is widely praised as a paradigm-shifter in the legal profession and I am being called a catalyst for peace.  Kim Wright –

Thanks, Kim, for those very kind words. You may be interested in reading an excerpt from the book entitled, Aligning with Your Purpose and Values.

Here's one short quote from it to wet your appetite:

My little voice tells me when I am in alignment with my purpose and when
something isn't quite right. It knows when I'm selling out and when I'm
honoring my own values. My little voice guides me and helps me shape my

And here's a YouTube video of another way that Kim is expressing her purpose: