There’s a coaching assignment in the Life On Purpose Process that goes like this:

“Share with at least 2-3 people what you’ve seen for yourself up to this point from the work you’ve been doing on life purpose. You need not share about the same thing each time. Sharing what you’re working on is different than talking about life purpose in a general way or talking about life purpose coaching. While it’s fine to do that as well, be sure to not use that as a way to avoid authentically sharing yourself.”

The purpose behind the assignment is to ease people into sharing about themselves and their life purpose in a more authentic way. For many it’s a challenging assignment. Many of us have learned to play it safe when it comes to sharing about the things that matter most to us.

Leading a private life is safe. If no one knows what I’m really up to or what I care about, it’s less likely that they will criticize me or tell me how worthless my dreams really are. True, perhaps, but consider this — leading such a private life is a favorite move of the “fear/lack/struggling-to-make-it” Inherited Purpose, whose job is, interestingly enough, to keep us safe and secure. But remember, in the process, it often keeps us small, and not in touch with our true life purpose.

Ok, here’s the part that may be a bit controversial. We’ll see. You cannot fully live your true life purpose while living a private life. Said another way, if you want to have your life purpose really flourish, you must be public about who you are and what you’re here on planet Earth to experience.

Try those statements on for a moment. What do you see for yourself? Do you agree or disagree. How about sharing your comments with the rest of the Life On Purpose Community at http://lifeonpurpose.com/blog.

So, if you’re ready to take your life on purpose to new heights, here are 3 Key Strategies for Living a Public Life On Purpose.

Strategy One – Know with crystal clarity your true life purpose. Really, it’s next to impossible to live a public life on purpose until you’ve done the inner work to fully clarify your reason for being alive.

How do you do that? Well, I know of 2 approaches that can work. One is the good old (though laborious) trial and error approach that can take decades, even a lifetime to complete, and of course, the 2nd approach that I advocate is the Life On Purpose Process. But I’m not interested in turning this into purposeful promo. If you want to know more about the Life On Purpose Process go to http://www.lifeonpurpose.com

Strategy Two – Start and maintain a Purposeful Practice that will have you know and relate to yourself as your life purpose. One of the first coaching assignments I recommend to a client after they’ve clarified their life purpose is to memorize their life purpose statement so that if someone awakened them at 3 in the morning and asked what their life purpose is, they’d be able to tell them.

A Purpose Practice takes your life purpose down to the cellular level, so you’re naturally being true to your purpose and allowing it to shape what you do and what you have.

Strategy Three – Create one or more bold, audacious Purpose Projects that will ‘force’ you to be public about your life purpose out in the world. Life On Purpose Institute and Community is that for me. In fact, I call it my ‘meta’ Purpose Project because it’s made up of many smaller Purpose Project all that allow me to BE my life purpose, to be KNOWN as my life Purpose and to EXPRESS my life purpose out in the world.

So, what insights have you gleaned from this? Who will be courageous enough to practice being public about your life and your life purpose, right here, right now, in this world wide web blog? Come on, I dare you!