Let the Universe Guide You along the Purposeful Path

Decisions, decisions — choice, choice.  Which way to turn? What project do I say yes to next? Even when we know our true life purpose with real clarity, it can be a challenge to know what to take on next. For example, the other day I had such a purposeful dilemma.  Do I continue to focus my energies on making the Life On Purpose Process available to progress spiritual communities?  Or do I focus more of my energies towards helping entrepreneurs build businesses that are a reflection of their life purpose?  Or maybe, it’s time to focus  attention and intention on helping people in or near retirement age to design their “encore performance” for their third phase of life. Then, there’s that quiet but persistent nudging to focus on college-age students, many who could really use some sense of purpose and direction as they start out into the ‘real world.’

Then I had the thought, what if I allowed the Universe/Divine Source to guide me along my Purposeful Path?  How might that look?  Here’s what I came up with:

1. First make a list of possible choices and directions.

2. Mark off the list anything that you don’t feel really passionate about. After all passion is one of those energies that can help us determine if something is in the beam of our life purpose. Okay, that narrows the list down somewhat, especially when I scored the level of passion I feel for the various items. If something scored 5 or lower, I marked it off the list. But what if there’s still several items to choose from?

3. Let the Universe continue to guide you.  Start ‘purposefully playing’ with the top 2 or 3.  I know that may feel a bit unfocused at first, but remember this is an interim step.

4. As you focus on these items keep checking in on your passion meter.  Also, turn your radar on for signs from your Divine Guidance.  These signs may include moments of spiritual serendipity (for more on this see Richard Eyre’s wonderful book, Spiritual Serendipty: Cultivating and Celebrating the Art of the Unexpected), notable synchroncities, and actual physical evidence that a particular project is the one to become your primary focus.

5. It is also helpful to realize that, while the other choices/projects may need to simmer on the back burner for a time, there’s nothing wrong with this.  After all, to mix a metaphor — ‘no wine before its time.’  If you’re concerned that you may forget some of your best ideas for living on purpose, create a ‘back burner’ for yourself. For example, in my vision book (you do have a vision book, right?), I have a section called Possible Projects. When I have an idea that seems to be purposeful, passion-filled, and yet not quite right for the front burners, I write it down here.

6. As your purpose projects start to unfold keep checking in for further guidance.  Regular meditation times, journaling and/or mind mapping are just a few of the ways to encourage regular communication between your CEO (Cosmic Enlightened Officer) and yourself.