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Life On Purpose Coaching for
LETS of Asheville

As life coaches for the past 20-plus years and Life On Purpose Coaches for the last 14 of those years, Ann and I are always looking for creative and innovative ways to make a difference with our coaching services.

When we were introduced to LETS we felt in our hearts that this would be a good fit, and so far it has been. In fact, we love the LETS community. Those that we have met and worked with seem to share many of our own core values, which is way cool!

Now, the question is, “Is what we offer as life and Life On Purpose Coaches a fit for what you’re looking for?”

Well, to start to answer that question, here’s what we’re currently offering to the LETS community members:

The LETS Coaching Package

This package includes:

  • Full Access to the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach – this includes 15-online video ‘coaching sessions’ complete with a downloadable workbook that serves as your road map through the Life On Purpose Process.  (This product retails for $189)
  • 4, 30-40 minute individual coaching sessions that can be used anytime over the course of 4 months (more than enough time to go through the Life On Purpose Process.) These sessions may be by phone and/or in person, and may be with the coach of your choice. (See below for links to our coaching profiles).

The LETS package is 100 LETS Points.

As a lifelong explorer in the world of personal growth I am always curious to see what catches my eye next. I signed up for Brad and Anne’s Life on Purpose Coaching Package offered to members of Asheville LETS. I like to dive deep into the inner landscape and mull things over a bit, really get them in my bones, so to speak. Given this I appreciated that I could go through the workbook and videos at my own pace and schedule the companion sessions as felt right.

I’ve previously done a number of processes designed to hone in on one’s life purpose. Through the Life on Purpose program I did some very sweet finetuning of how I view my life purpose. The way I view my life purpose now is like a breath of fresh air – more alive, expansive, energizing and freeing.

Whether you already know your life purpose yet it feels too heavy or overwhelming or blah or just not quite right, or you are new at clarifying your life purpose, I believe the Life on Coaching Package can be a solid and powerful tool for you.

And how great that this is offered through LETS!

Elizabeth Clontz
Creativity Coach

Here are some links to additional information that will help you decide whether this coaching package is something you want to explore further.

Once you’ve looked this information over, if you’re interested in exploring a coaching relationship with one of us, then contact the coach of your coach through our profile pages (links above).  We’ll set up an initial, no obligation coaching consultation to determine if there’s a good match.  It’s that simple to begin to bring a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to your life and work.