Lfe On Purpose Joins Blogging

Hello World,

It seems only natural that since Life On Purpose has, from its very inception back in 1996, been a spiritually based AND web-supported enterprise, that we would join the world of blogging as a way to continue to share the vision of a world on purpose.

I see this as another way to reach out to the world and to share this possibility in a warm, informal, even intimate manner and I look forward to being able to share ideas, insights and maybe even a few suggested instructions on how we can all live a more purposeful, passionate and playful life AND hopefully receive input and responses back from you.

While I plan to continue our ezines, both PURPOSEFUL PONDERING EZINE and PRACTICE ON PURPOSE EZINE, I suspect they will become shorter as more of the content is placed on the blogs.

I want to thank Ann Zuccardy and the other dynamic members of the Visionary Writers On Purpose Team who lovingly encouraged me to take this ‘bold next step’ into the world of blogging.

And now, let’s get started.


An old and up until recently quiet lower back problems flared up this past week resulting in my taking a day off yesterday, during which I watched for the 6th or 7th time one of my favorite movies, Meet Joe Black. While the theme is a bit morose (Brad Pitt plays Death who has come to Earth to experience life, guided by Anthony Hopkins), I find the movie inspiring and captivating.

Towards the end of the movie, Bill (played by Anthony Hopkins) who is about to be taken away by Death makes some poignant remarks at his 65th birthday party in which he points out that he has lived a life of no regrets.

I was touched by this notion and feel that is one of the possibilities of a life on purpose. That when we do finally get clear about who we are and why we’re here on Earth, it opens up this possibility that we too could live a life of no regrets. For me this means that even though I don’t feel my life is over today, that I have plenty more that I want to contribute this go around, if I were to be taken today, I could leave feeling whole and complete and with no regrets.

It also seems to me that since the happenings of “9/11” more people are making the effort to get on with living a life that matters, that goes beyond just making it through life, or seeing how much stuff can be acquired, and instead spending more time with what they value the most.

What do you think? Are we living more on purpose? Are more of us committing to living a life of no regret? If you are, how is it going, and what role does ‘clarity of purpose’ play? Let me hear from you.

And thanks for reading this first of many entries. This is Brad Swift from Flat Rock NC, where it’s another beautiful day in Paradise.