Life On Purpose Book Vs. Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life

Even though my book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, just came out the end of May, already people are asking: “What’s the difference between your book and Rick Warren’s, The Purpose Driven Life?”

Well, for starters, it’s not sold over 26 million copies yet, but then again, it’s only been available a couple of weeks. Give it a little time. On a slightly more serious note, here are some of the more significant differences between Rick Warren’s, The Purpose Driven Life and Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life.

For starters, Rick’s book is religiously based, specifically Christian-based and fairly fundamental Christian. Life On Purpose, on the other hand, is spiritually based. In the last 10+ years since people have been going through the Life On Purpose Process which is outlined in the book, people of many different religious persuasions have happily traveled the purposeful path including many people that don’t consider themselves religious at all.

Another difference is that The Purpose Driven Life really addresses a different question than, ‘What is my life purpose?’ For the most part, Rick’s book gives a fundamental Christian perspective as to what is the meaning and purpose of life. Many people have found their way to Life On Purpose Institute after reading The Purpose Driven Life. Some really liked Rick’s book and others didn’t, but almost all of them had one thing in common. They still wanted to know their personal purpose for being alive, and that’s what the Life On Purpose Process and the book addresses. Not only does it assist people to clarify their life purpose, but it also helps them to design a life that is a reflection of their purpose.

In fact, Life On Purpose is the first and only how-to book that answer’s one of life’s most mysterious questions, what is my life purpose — my personal reason for being alive. It takes people from confusion to clarity in a very effective step-by-step coaching approach that is both proven (in that thousands of people have used it to clarify their life purpose) and practical, meaning that you can then apply the Process to design your life to be consistent with your purpose.

I’m even offering free coaching to people who have purchased the book to help ‘jump start’ them onto the Purposeful Path.

So, why not ask for it at your local bookstore and/or go online and order it at Amazon. Then, read it, complete the Call to Action Assignments in it, and come back here to share what your true life purpose is.