Life On Purpose Institute Turns Sweet 16!

At Life On Purpose Institute we believe everyone should follow their purpose and passion in life and that doing so will never lead you astray even when you aren’t completely clear where it will lead you. I call it “following the breadcrumbs of your passion” and it’s actually how Life On Purpose Institute began.

I first got the idea of starting an organization that was a reflection of my own purpose of living – a life of service, simplicity and spiritual serenity – from a pet writing project: Project Purpose: To write and publish articles about people and institutions whose lives and missions are dedicated to a bold and inspired purpose or vision.

After interviewing and spending time with dozens of these purposeful people, I began to recognize certain common elements they shared; one of which was that almost all of them were expressing their own life purpose through some organized structure – a for-profit business, a nonprofit, etc. I was in the midst of pondering what such an organization would look like for me when I received an assignment from Yoga Journal to write a feature article on simple living in a complex world. They wanted as part of the article, a sidebar listing resources about living simply.

I thought, Life On Purpose Institute could be in that sidebar, except there wasn’t a Life On Purpose Institute yet. At first I dismissed the idea as being premature, but as I continued writing the article I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind. Finally, I ran it by my coach who replied, “Why not include it and see what happens?” So, I did.

I didn’t think much more about it until 2 to 3 months later when the article appeared as the cover story for the August 1996 issue of Yoga Journal with a cartoon illustration by Gahan Wilson. A few days after the magazine hit the newsstands, my phone rang. “Hello, Brad Swift,” I answer in my customary fashion.

“Is this Life On Purpose?” an excited voice on the other end of the line asked.

I paused, momentarily dazed and looked around my office. I had forgotten about listing my dream in the sidebar. Gathering my wits about me, I replied, “Yes, how may I serve you?”

Today Life On Purpose Institute is a flourishing, spiritually-based enterprise. Hundreds of people have clarified their life purpose by working individually with our Life On Purpose Certified Coaches, and thousands of others have done the same through our group programs. We have had close to a hundred purposeful and passionate people who have gone through our Coach Development Programs as far away as Germany and Australia.

While our mission to deeply and profoundly touch and contribute to at least 1% of the world’s population (around 60-70 million people) is far from complete, we’re building momentum to have it accomplished during my life time.

This “meta purpose project” continues to transform my life and that of my wife, Ann, who is also Life On Purpose’s CFO and program registrar. Only in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could live such a satisfying and fulfilling life as I’m living now, but then again, isn’t that where such realities begin – in our dreams?

Perhaps Goethe said it best:
“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it: boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

For all of you reading this who are a part of our cyber-adventure, thank you for all that you have contributed and continue to contribute to my life and to the realization of the LOPI vision.

You can rely on the knowledge that here at Life On Purpose Institute, we will continue to follow our purposeful path of passionate breadcrumbs.

To Celebrate our Birthday

Ann and I are blessed to be celebrating the 16th birthday of Life On Purpose Institute. It’s given us the opportunity to reflect upon the enterprise’s primary purose:

To help enhance people’s lives through purpose. We exist as an enterprise to help as many people as possible to clarify their life purpose and to then design their life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose.

You see, we know that “clarity of purpose” can be an effective cure for the crisis of meaning so many people are facing these days.

It’s also why we invested many hours lovingly creating the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach that now makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to be guided through the proven, systematic, spiritually based Life On Purpose Process and in so doing bring that “clarity of purpose” to their own life…and on their on timeframe and schedule.

And that is why in this last week of August, we’re offering the Virtual Video Coach to you with a few added bonuses — our way of celebrating the last 16 incredible years:

  • When you purchase the Virtual Video Coach Premium Package (that includes 2 hours of personal Life On Purpose Coaching by phone or skype) you may choose either of the Life On Purpose founders (that’s Ann and me) as your coach and we’ll include an additional hour of coaching time for a total of 3 hours that you can use anytime over the next 3 months as you go through the Virtual Video Coach.  Also,
  • Everyone who invests in the Virtual Video Coach (premium or basic package) will receive a copy of my new book, Spiral of Fulfillment: Living an Inspired Life of Service, Simplicity & Spiritual Serenity absolutely in either a PDF or Kindle format. Payment options are available.
  • And if you enter this Coupon Code — 083111, you’ll save $30 off your purchase of either packages WHEN you order before 12 midnight, August 31, 2011.

So, get started on your own purposeful path with the Virtual Video Coach.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our purpose to enhance life through purpose.  It’s been an amazing 16 years and we’re looking forward to the next 16 as well. <Grin>  Hummm, I’ll be 78 when we celebrate that milestone!